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Viral Infections: Home Remedies For Fever

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Viral fever is common in cold seasons and for those whose body temperature shoots up, it is extremely difficult to bring to control. Heavy intake of antibiotics will drain all the energy and might even stop showing positive effects. There is nothing like treating fever at home as you get good rest with some natural home remedies at your side. Take a look at the home remedies for fever and also about giving a proper treatment at home.

Treating Viral Infections Like Fever With Home Remedies

1. Energy Boosters – Hot boiled rice, mashed with milk and sugar is the best meal during that time. The carbohydrate and glucose rich porridge provide energy and is easy to take a gulp. Pepper, cumin and coriander concoction can also be mashed with rice and salt (hot rasam rice). This will bring relief to sore throat and cough. Ragi malt is also a good energy booster for the patient suffering from the viral infection.

2. Herbal Teas – Tulsi tea, ginger tea and mint tea are refreshing home remedies for fever. The medicinal properties in these herbs fasten the fever treatment. The patient suffering from cough and common cold will get relief better than the pills.

3. Fruit juices like orange and sweet lime are safe to drink. The citrus fruits cleanse the body and remove toxins. A hot cup of lemon juice with honey immune and strengthens body to fight diseases. A hot cup of milk with pinch of turmeric and pepper can cure throat irritation.

4. Gargling salt water and steaming (vapouriser containing water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil) will cure throat and nose infections.

5. Eating light and non spicy food, a good sleep, soothing music and having some margosa leaves beside your bed will keep away germs and bacteria that spread the infection.

If the fever is too high, place a piece of damp cloth on forehead and ask the patient to relax. Keep changing the cloth all through the day or whenever the cloth on forehead is dry.

Rest is the important home remedy for fever. Good words, love and care also matter for mental peace.

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Story first published: Friday, December 9, 2011, 10:57 [IST]
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