Sweaty Feet & Its Cure

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Cure Sweaty Feet
People with sweaty palms are also prone to sweaty feet. Also known as Plantar Hyperhidrosis, sweaty feet leads to stinky feet which can be embarrassing at social gatherings. Also sweaty feet makes it difficult to walk therefore keeping you uncomfortable. Sweating spoils the shoes and sandals and can also lead to foot infections.

The feet also has thousands of sweat glands which is why sweating is more. However, not all the people have sweaty feet. Hyperhidrosis can affect the armpits, palms and feet. Hereditary is one of the reasons behind sweaty feet. Poor diet, anxiety, obesity, thyroid, stress on the feet such as long hours of standing, hormonal changes and hot weather are other few reasons behind getting a sweaty feet.

Cure sweaty feet:

1. Maintain hygiene in the feet to avoid getting infections. Sweat can provide home to bacterias thus causing skin or foot infections.

2. Keep the feet clean. Wash after coming from outside. Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the feet and reduce sweating.

3. Remove hard skin from the feet. Hard skin is the dead skin which needs to be peeled out to avoid sweating. Dead skin also becomes damp due to sweat which can cause bacteria. To treat sweaty feet, scrub the feet everyday while taking bath. Use pumice stone to keep the feet clean. It also helps to get rid of stinky feet.

4. To cure sweaty feet, do manicure twice or thrice in a week. You can simply soak your feet in warm or hot water. Add few drops of tea-tree oil. This reduces the sweating in feet.

5. Dip a cotton ball in surgical spirit and wipe it on the feet. Surgical spirit is available in pharmaceutical stores. Test once before applying on the feet. Apply it on a small area on the foot. If it doesn't irritate the skin, continue using spirit. Apply it everywhere especially in between the toes as they are more prone to getting foot infections.

6. Avoid wearing plastic, synthetic shoes or slippers. They cause more sweating in the feet. Leather shoes or open slippers are good to avoid stinky feet as they provide air which helps the skin to breathe and treat sweaty feet.

7. Wear cotton socks and change them everyday. Also change the shoes after 2 days. Keep the shoes under the sun to kill germs and bacterias caused due to sweat.

8. Antiperspirant also helps cure sweaty feet. Apply antiperspirant on the feet before leaving the house. Follow it up with a powder.

Try these 8 ways to cure sweaty and stinky feet.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 11:50 [IST]
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