Did You Know About Breast Lumps?

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Breast Lumps
Breast cancer occurs on the breast tissues most commonly in the milk ducts or the lobules which supply milk to the ducts. Breast lumps are the most common symptoms of breast cancer. Lumps are swellings in the breasts which can appear at any age in a woman's life. Fibrocystic changes, milk cysts, lipoma, fibroadenomas and cysts are common reasons behind lump in the breasts.

When is it risky?

  • If the breasts get wrinkles and become red
  • there is a bruise on the breast without any injury
  • pain in the breasts
  • inverted nipples
  • tender or swollen breasts
  • blood discharge from nipples
  • changing shape and size of nipples
  • fever with breast pain

How to cure breast lumps?

Lumps occur due to deficiency of iodine, vitamin B6 and essential nutrients in the body. Include a diet rich in soluble fiber. Have fruits and vegetables such as beans, cabbage, garlic, whole grains and flaxseed oil are healthy for the breasts. Also include kelp as it is high in iodine. Eat foods which are healthy for the liver and even detoxify the body. Onions, carrots, kale, leeks, beetroot, lime, cauliflower, asparagus and broccoli are good food for the liver. Exercise helps detoxify the body and improve blood flow and circulation to the organs. Have plenty of water everyday to cure breast lumps.

What to avoid?

Avoid caffeine products, alcohol and fatty food. It is best to apply natural deodorants and not antiperspirants. Antiperspirants stops the drainage of toxins through the sweat glands and cause them to drain into the breasts which can cause breast cancer in the later stages. To cure breast lumps and cancer, see that the deodorants do not have parabens.

Wear fitting bras and not too tight as it is risky. Tight bras reduces the blood circulation in the breasts therefore gradually cause lumps followed by breast cancer. Always open bras before going to bed.

Breast lumps can occur any time and so its cure is important as it is a symptom of breast cancer. Consult a doctor immediately if these signs of lumps occur.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 20, 2011, 11:10 [IST]
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