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Venom Based Painkiller Coming Soon

By Staff

Nature has solution for all problems and natural medicine still proves to be the best cure. You may have heard medicine from snake poison and now a new discovery claims that pain killing drugs may be hidden in poisonous sea snails found off Australia's coastline.

Professor David Adams, director of the Health Innovations Research confirmed that the snails contain a cocktail of powerful agents, called peptides, in their venom, which can be used to treat pain in humans.

Researchers are trying to use those agents in a bid to develop a less problematic alternative to morphine.

"In some of the old medical reports where people have been stung by these cone snails, they don't feel pain, most of them die because of respiratory paralysis. In a way nature has done a lot of the work, these peptides are designed to target receptors in pain pathways. Our job is just to find them and put them to use. The problem with morphine is people can develop tolerance to it, it becomes ineffective, or they become addicted to it. With these peptides, you don't have that problem."

Adams hopes that this venom based painkiller would be introduced in the next five years and thus introduce a new solution to stay healthy.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 14:58 [IST]
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