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    Father And Son Relationship Conflict

    By Super
    Father and Son
    The happiness of a family is based on successful and strong bonding between the members. It is often said that the girl child is closer to the father and the boy child to the mother. It has generally been noticed that the relationship between father and son is often of conflicts specially in his growing up age. The father and son relationship can be one of the best as men to men friendship is often strong but when the same relationship is that of conflict, then it can be very difficult for the family. So, what gives rise to a conflict in the father and son relationship -

    1.Power – Men and their need of power is an inbuilt trait and when there are two people trying to quench their thirst from a single family, the war can be difficult. In adolescence, boys generally become a lot more aggressive due to hormonal changes and this is also the time when he is graduating from a boy to a man. The presence of another man with the powers he wants to achieve can be difficult to accept.

    For the father, an adolescent son is as good as a kid and it is difficult to understand his desires to take up responsibility. In this situation, rather than, treating him like a child it is better to treat him like a man. The father should hand over the rein of some responsibility to the son. This can reduce chances of conflict in father and son relationship.

    2.Expectation – A father lives his dreams through his son. He dreams to fulfill all his unquenchable needs through him. This can be a lot of burden on the son. He has his own set of dreams and the right to fulfill them first. A man who is more holds more power in the house and denies his access to his own dreams can erupt a conflict. At this time, all that the father ans son relationship needs is understanding.

    3.Occupation – For a father his son's failure is his failure. To prevent this, he chooses a career for the son which he knows is less risky. As for the son, he might want to take up challenges. For a father it is very difficult to understand. Occupation is an ultimate aim of a man and he can't accept anybody's interference in that path. Father, thus, becomes the intruder of his dreams, giving rise to conflict in father and son relationship.

    4.Generation Gap – This is one of the major issues between parents and children but it becomes worse when it is between father and son. It is so because, nobody is ready to give up. Generation gap can be solved only with excepting the fact. The father should accept the ways of new generation, as changing with time is the first mantra for success.

    Conflict in father and son relationship, can be a major issue of unrest in family. Thus, it is best to solve it before the situation is grave. The resolution of the problems lies in the understanding between the two because no matter how much they fight, the underlines truth is that, they both are seeking to be like each other.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, November 2, 2010, 11:53 [IST]
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