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Diabetes Effects On Factors Of Life

Diabetes and Employment

There is little that Diabetes stops your employment opportunity. It is not your fault that you have Diabetes and there is no reason to hide it. Make sure that people around you know that you have Diabetes. Tell them about “Hypo" and what they should do in case you have a severe hypo. Remember that people are frightened by what they do not know or understand. If they understand, then it is much less frightening for them.

Diabetes and fasting

There can be serious problem at the time of fasting for various religious occasions, if you have Diabetes. There is no rule of thumb, you need to apply simple practical knowledge and if in doubt seek expert opinion. It is good idea to prick your finger to know blood sugar level a few times a day during such a fast. If you are on Insulin, reduction of the dose is necessary depending on the duration of the fast. Again it is better to stop tablet if you are on them because you may experience a “Hypo" which can be prolonged in similar situation.

Diabetes and Hospital admission

Diabetes control in hospital is very important, if you are admitted to the hospital for some reason or other. At the time of admission you should tell the nurses and doctors looking after you about your Diabetic medicine and control. A strict sugar control thorough out the stay in hospital has shown to quicken wound healing, recovery, and duration of stay. We usually check your blood sugar several times a day. If you are on tablet, almost always we prefer to change to Insulin as it works quicker and managing Diabetes becomes easier. Insulin also helps in wound healing along with controlling sugar. If you are not able to eat or not allowed to eat, you will be on a drip and Insulin is the only answer to ensure good sugar control. At the time of discharge you would be on your usual medicine, provided your control is acceptable.

Menstrual period

Some women notice no change in their Diabetes around their cycle, the other see change in control. Know your own body. Does your sugar go up the week before you are “due"? If yes, increase your insulin for those days. Some women notice sugar decreases when they “start". If you do so, reduce your dose of insulin to avoid hypo. There is no mathematical rule for this; you are the best judge to do changes in such situations.

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Story first published: Monday, October 11, 2010, 15:21 [IST]
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