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The Japanese Morning Banana Diet For Weight Loss

By Mridusmita Das

Are you challenged to lose calories and are trying hard to choose a workout regime? How about a diet plan that makes you shed calories without exercise being an optional aspect? Doesn't that sound interesting?

Yes, here's something that assures you of calorie loss without having to spend your time and energy hitting the gym. The Japanese Morning Banana Diet, also known as "Asa Banana Diet" (In Japan, Asa means Morning), is a weight loss diet which was popular and took the internet by storm a decade ago, in 2008. The popularity of this diet at one point of time made news so much so that the food stores were unable to meet the demands of people for bananas.

The Morning Banana Diet was propounded by a person named Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist and preventive medicine expert from Osaka for her husband Hitoshi Watanabe who claimed to have lost 37 pounds (16.8 kg) in weight.

He then introduced the diet on Mixi, known to be one of Japan's largest social networking services. The diet became so popular that innumerable books were written on the Morning Banana Diet since then. Though this diet managed to remain popular for quite some time, there is no scientific evidence supporting the success of this diet, apart from the testimonials from many of the followers of this diet.

The Morning Banana Diet plan revolves basically on the consumption of bananas followed with other recommendations, which includes aspects like mindfulness while having food and the importance of going to bed early.

Let us look closely what this diet recommends. The below step-by-step guidelines of the Morning Banana Diet will give more clarity on the diet and how to follow it.

Over the period of time, a handful of versions of this diet have come up, but the basic guidelines remain the same.

  • Firstly, the Morning Banana Diet involves starting your day with a banana, i.e., eating a banana for breakfast (one or more) with a caution not to over-stuff yourself to the level of discomfort.
  • Bananas are supposed to be raw; uncooked and unfrozen, which means fresh bananas are supposed to be consumed. While other fruits may be substituted, some fruits might be required to be restricted to one type of a fruit per meal.
  • For lunch, one is recommended to eat a banana with a small salad, although there is no restriction on the type of food or the quantity for lunch.
  • The diet also provides guidelines for drinking water. It asks to sip water whenever you require, but it should be only room temperature water. Hot and chilled water is not recommended. The diet advices water to be consumed in sips and not is a way that washes down the food. There is no recommendation as to the quantity of water to be consumed, but it mentions not to consume water in excess. On social occasions, one might take to drinking beer or wine.
  • After 3 pm, chocolate or cookies if permitted as a sweet treat and for people who prefer salty snacks, popcorn is allowed, after being aware of the fat content while ice-creams, donuts, or potato chips are not recommended.
  • For evening snack, one might eat a banana if necessary.
  • The Morning Banana Diet advices one to have dinner before 8 pm, 6 pm being the ideal time. Again, there is no restriction for the type of food or the quantity of food for dinner. If one is hungry after diet, a fresh piece of fruit can suffice the need but also it is cautioned that this should not become a habit.
  • As per the diet, desserts are a 'no' with any of the meals. Also, beverages like tea, coffee, and diet soda are totally discarded in the guidelines of the diet though only water consumption is encouraged.
  • This diet recommends one to go to bed before midnight; in fact the sooner, the better. It also recommends that there should be a gap of 4 hours between dinner and sleeping time.
  • The diet recommends the followers to track and document their daily progress by keeping a diet diary.
  • This diet stresses on the importance of food mindfulness - to chew food properly, being mindful of the taste of the food.
  • As per this diet, exercise is optional; but it advices one to walk every day if possible. There is no need to force yourself for exercises, unless you really want to do.
  • With the above guidelines consisting of the Morning Banana Diet, it would be much easy for you to experiment with this diet if you are considering working on your extra flab.
  • After all, who does not want to go for a diet that does not let you starve and sweat, giving into a rigorous diet regime? It is indeed an interesting way of following a weight loss diet! Isn't it?

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