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Snake Diet: Can Eating Like A Snake Help You Lose Weight?

In this fast-moving world, it takes effort, discipline & consistency to ensure a healthy body and normal weight. Are you a person who is always looking for ways to reduce or maintain a healthy weight? If yes, the best way to ensure that is by exercising regularly and eating a healthy and balanced diet to maintain good metabolism and burn extra calories.

However, due to lack of time, many people are known to follow quick weight-loss techniques such as fad diets that promise quick weight loss without any physical activity and with certain changes or restrictions to the daily diet.

There are many kinds of fad diets, such as the South Beach Diet, 5:2 diet, The 4-hour Body diet, Low carbohydrate diet, The Snake Diet and so on. The commonality among all the fad diets is their promise of striking results in a short span of time.

Usually, these kinds of fad diets are unhealthy due to problems caused by the erratic food habits that lead to deficiency of nutrients in the body and subsequently ailments or weight gain in the long run.

Through this article, let us explore the attributes of a Snake Diet. Founded by Alberta (Canada) based Cole Robinson, a fitness trainer and a self-proclaimed fasting coach, the Snake Diet is a fad diet that primarily focuses on losing weight through fasting.

Cole Robinson was frustrated with the various advices that certain coaches and trainers gave to clients 'without completely comprehending the process of metabolism'. He therefore came up with the Snake Diet, which follows the logic of literally eating hugely like a snake once, and surviving on it for a while. According to him, the additional benefits of a Snake Diet include cure of ailments such as Type 2 Diabetes, Herpes & Inflammation.

After many years of research and self-experimenting, Cole Robinson developed methods for apparently everyone who was keen on losing weight in a short span of time through the Snake Diet. He follows a pattern of eating once a day (mostly dinner), and sustaining his energy levels during the rest of the day by consuming water or tea.

Now, What Exactly Is A Snake Diet?

Snake diet is a fasting-focused approach to losing weight through different phases, namely, removal of toxins from the body, fasting and maintenance. Let us understand each phase in detail:

Phase 1: This is the beginning of the Snake diet, which includes detoxification of the body by fasting for 48 hours while consuming only apple cider vinegar along with snake juice which is supposedly an 'essential mineral replacement' as per Cole Robinson.

The snake juice is a combination of water, sea salt and potassium chloride. It helps replenish the electrolytes in the body. This phase is an extremely critical one, since the body gets into the high fat-burning mode as well as gets rid of the sugar addiction.

Phase 2: This phase includes flexible fasting and on and off, including dry fasting, which refers to consuming no food or liquids.

Phase 3: The final phase is an equally important one. It refers to maintaining the weight, by following the cues the body gives for natural hunger or cravings. It is a completely proactive approach towards understanding the body's requirement.

The question here is, whether the Snake Diet actually helps lose weight. Well, the answer lies in the fact that any fasting does reduce some amount of weight. In this case, the frequent fasting without eating anything for long hours would definitely lead to reduction in the body weight.

But would this weight loss be really successful in the long run? The common feedback for the Snake Diet by the experts from the fitness industry is negative. They do not suggest this fad diet, since there is no clinical proof of its success. The common consensus is: Eating like snakes does not work for humans and should not be followed at any cost.

Moreover, the option of eating once is not sustainable at all. Since the Snake Diet includes long fasting periods, its direct consequences could be the body losing out on essential nutrients. This may make the body weaker, thereby leading to serious deficiencies and subsequently resulting in problems.

Ultimately, after one switches back to regular eating habits, it could even result in the body gaining back all the lost weight! It is not practical to follow the Snake Diet on a lifelong basis, because of realistic reasons. One cannot keep having one meal per day or in two days for the rest of their life. The body starts storing fat, since it detects a dip in the energy levels.

In fact, any fad diet that promises quick results with rigorous changes to one's lifestyle is never a healthy option to lose weight. It could possibly lead to drastic consequences to one's health and body. Therefore, the entire process of weight loss should be a gradual and sustained one, following healthy habits and regular exercise.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 10:15 [IST]
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