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Ranveer Singh's Diet And Fitness Tips For A Perfect Chiselled Body

Bollywood's latest heart-throb Ranveer Singh's upcoming movie 'Padmavat' is out for release. His steel body in the movie trailers are making the women swoon. Ranveer Singh was ranked number 12 in the Forbes India's Celebrity 100 list and from then on, he has come a long way.

The actor who has essayed the role of a villainous warrior in the movie Padmavat, went through an intense training to transform his body for this role. His chiselled body and ripping biceps and the gruelling hours at the gym is what went on in their making.

Ranveer Singh was put through a gruelling workout schedule and diet to achieve this level of fitness. He is always seen laughing and fooling around with everyone. And to do all this with a big smile on your face, it is important to stay fit and healthy.

His trainer Mustafa Ahmed made him do a lot of movement patterns, mobility drills, etc., that involved strength training and conditioning workouts. Achieving this fitness and toned body required a lot of dedication.

Have a look at Ranveer Singh's diet and fitness tips for a perfect chiselled body.

ranveer singh's diet and fitness tips

1. Body-building Diet

According to Ranveer Singh, the secret to a successful diet is to eat every three hours once and to never miss a meal during the day. His balanced meal is composed of good amounts of protein like lamb, some carbohydrates and healthy fats like salmon. Salt and oil in foods are reduced and it's also essential to supplement the diet with protein shakes.

2. Breakfast Is Important

There is a reason why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. Ranveer advises to never miss out on breakfast, as it is essential to fuel your body. His day starts with a high-carb diet to fuel his system. It consists of chicken, egg whites, fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Cardio Training

The actor's workout includes 1 hour cardio training in the morning to burn fat and 1 hour training in the evening. His workout starts with a 10-minute of warm-up followed by a 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This training consists of vigorous exercises like dips, push-ups and pull-ups.

4. Stamina Is Necessary

If you are working out non-stop, stamina is what is required. According to Ranveer, to achieve that state of 25 minutes of rigorous workout stamina, one has to start slowly and then keep pushing the limits. One cannot just go and workout HIIT on the first day of your fitness regimen.

5. Six-Pack Abs Workout

Ranveer's secret to six-pack abs is that it's not only tough to workout to get those abs but also very tough to maintain it. You need to prepare for months in advance and have to drastically control the intake of food and water. You should always follow a correct diet plan as suggested by your trainer and do regular abs workout for better results.

6. Protein For Dinner

If you are going to the gym in the evening, Ranveer suggests to keep a high-protein diet for dinner. The actor relies more on natural sources of protein more than artificial protein. He eats boiled vegetables, pulses, chapatti and salad or sprouts for dinner, so that it gets digested easily.

7. Fixed Mealtimes

Ranveer advises that diet plays an important role in your physical development and should be nutritious. So, you should always take a proper diet at the correct time and having late dinners and lunch is not good for the health and may lead to obesity and heart problems.

8. Outdoor Activities

Apart from hitting the gym, Ranveer likes to indulge himself in outdoor activities. His flexible physique is the result of indulging himself in activities like swimming, cycling and playing outdoor sports. So, he advises this to his fans as well!

9. Avoid Alcohol

Ranveer doesn't drink and this has helped him immensely to achieve this physique. Alcohol tends to make your immune system weak and it cuts down on the effects of any workout that you have done before. So, quit drinking if you want to get the desired results.

10. Sweet Cravings In Weekends

The foremost golden rule for Ranveer is to cut off sugar from his diet plan. He was on a strict diet without any sugar but he would prefer having sweets once in a week. So, he advises everyone to have a cheat day and indulge in sugar and junk food and then burn it out the next day at the gym.

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