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Include These 5 Bone Broths To Boost Your Health

Of late, you would have been hearing a lot about the powerhouses of nutrients that various bone broths can be. Apart from just being delicious, bone broths are known to have an immense healing power.

Bone broths are something that date back to centuries and have been found to be used by mankind as a medication to treat various ailments and illnesses. In spite of not having much scientific evidence, bone broths still continue to be a major part of a person's diet, especially when one is looking to heal or boost their health.

With cultural evidences to back it, people have inherited the preparation of bone broth along with its various beneficial factors.

Bone broths contain several nutrients which can help with the cure of joint pain, weight loss, sleep disorders, inflammation in the body, an unhealthy digestive system, etc. People also find the use of bone broths to cure simple ailments such as a scratchy throat. It is said that the salt in bone broth soothes an irritated throat.

Why Is Bone Broth Advantageous To Boost Your Health?

Rich vitamins like magnesium, calcium, silicon and phosphorous are released when the bone, connective tissues and marrow are boiled. Apart from this, composites known for their healing power such as collagen, glycine and glutamine are also released.

Collagen helps with the cure of joint and bone diseases. Glycine is capable of treating fatigue and extreme sleepiness. Gut bacteria can be regulated by glutamine. There is no set rule as to when drinking bone broth will be best for you; it is more as to how you find it comfortable and convenient.

Also, there is no thumb rule behind cooking the right kind of bone broth. Preparation of bone broth is a culinary custom that has been passed on by generations varying according to the global cultures.

There is no scientific evidence backing how you should be eating the broth. However, a few people choose to add ginger, turmeric or garlic to boost the flavour of broth. Broths of fish, chicken or beef can be consumed first thing in the morning or post dinner. In short, there is no specific time regarding bone broth consumption.

Purchasing high-quality bone broth is essential to ensure that it is edible. Few studies have found that chicken broth made from cartilage and skin contained traces of lead.

Bone Broths That Can Boost Your Health:

1. Fish bone broth

People suffering from thyroid should definitely include fish bone broth in their diet. Stock that is made out of fish bones has high quantity of iodine content that helps in treating the normal functionality of the thyroid gland. This forms a light-textured broth, which is also considered to be a good base for Asian curries and soups. Choose the bones from a non-oily fish to prepare the fish bone broth. Avoid cooking it in a pressure cooker. It can be prepared by boiling the fish bones over the stovetop.

2. Pork bone broth

If you do not wish to spend much when purchasing or preparing your bone broth, then pork bone broth will be your ideal choice. Compared to beef or chicken bone broth, pork bone broth is the cheapest. Also, compared to the other types, this form of bone broth is the easiest and simplest to prepare.

3. Chicken feet and pepper stock

If you are looking to have the most nutritious bone broth, then this is the one. Although it might not sound appealing, this is the perfect stock for consumption that is loaded with collagen, calcium and glucosamine. However, finding chicken feet at a grocery store could be difficult. You can approach the market owned by local farmers to find chicken feet to prepare the broth.

4. Beef bone broth

Slow cooked beef bone broth is perfect as the most simple, yet nutritious beef stock. It works great for braising meat and vegetables. Slow cooked beef bone broth is the perfect base for stews and soups.

5. Instant bone broth

For a quick bone broth preparation, you can consider using an instant pot or a pressure cooker. So, if you are busy and unable to find much time, you can still make a batch of stock for your entire family using this method. This is usually made using chicken bones. To prepare instant bone broth using beef, pork or lamb, you will need to make sure that you roast the bones well in an oven. This will draw out utmost flavour from them. This bone broth can also be used as the base for your chicken soup, coconut curry lime soup or as an egg drop soup.

Consuming The Prepared Bone Broth

It's advisable to store the prepared bone broth in the refrigerator. Most bone broths last up to a maximum of five days. However, if you do not intend to consume them immediately post preparation, it is suggested that you store them in the freezer. Also, you can choose to store them up in small, sealed containers. This way, reheating them, when you wish to consume, becomes easier.

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