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    Here's A Diet Chart For Women To Lose Weight

    Being obese and overweight not just looks unhealthy but in reality is deeply rooted with illness and various health ailments. For a female, staying fit is directly linked with her body being within the window of the desired and healthy weight according to the standard weight and body mass charts.

    Dieting has been associated with weight loss, but what is more important is dieting the right way. Starving yourself to lose weight will not take you anywhere. You will only be losing the essential energy that your body requires for the daily functionality.

    diet plan for women to lose weight

    Extensive dieting can make you fall ill. It is therefore important to consult a nutritionist or a dietician who can help you out by preparing a diet chart following which will guarantee you loss of weight in a healthy manner. Read on to know the tips that you can pick up through the following pointers on a diet chart to lose weight for females.

    Getting back into shape, especially if you have put on weight recently, can be tough. No one wishes to go out of shape and it can be utterly disappointing to find out that you no longer fit into the clothes you just used a year ago. Choosing a diet that suits your lifestyle is essential. Just following any fancy diet in the hope of losing weight can get you and your fitness into trouble.

    Diet Chart for Females to Lose Weight

    Understanding what is keeping you fat, the amount of exercise required to burn the excess calories, and diet control are all essential aspects of losing weight. Follow the tips below to understand how to form a diet chart for weight loss for females.

    1. Do Not Skip Meals

    The primary reason why a diet chart to lose weight for females might not work effectively sometimes is when a lady decides to skip a meal thinking she can avoid calories this way. In fact, skipping a meal makes you starve which would ultimately force you to end up eating something unhealthy. This would eventually hamper your weight loss goals.

    2. Eating Frequently

    Eating meals in small quantities often and frequently helps. Do not let yourself be hungry. Try eating healthy snacks or fruits often.

    3. Eating Home-made Foods

    Cooking at home gives you the benefit of using the ingredients that you want helping you seek healthy alternatives.

    4. Keep Healthy Food In Stock

    Make sure that you always have healthy food in store at home. This will help you during your hunger pangs.

    5. Perfect Diet Plan

    Ensure that your diet contains enough of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and good fat.

    6. Use Small Plates And Bowls

    Research has proved that using small plates and bowls helps you consume less food and prevents you from overeating.

    7. Avoid Zero Carb Diet Plans

    Our body needs all forms of nutrients. Restricted diet plans will not help you achieve your weight goals in a healthy manner.

    Diet Chart To Lose Weight For Women

    Follow the below-mentioned diet plan to ensure that you have a healthy weight loss. The below diet chart is spread over 4 weeks.

    Week 1

    Early Morning:
    • Have one fruit of your choice plus 3-4 mixed seeds such as flax, sesame, melon, etc.
    • Choose any one: Paneer sandwich with chutney/2 idlis with sambhar/akki roti/ 2 egg omelette along with 2 whole grain brain slices/2 mixed vegetable paranthas.
    • One glass of any vegetable juice.
    • Choose any one: 2 dates and 4 walnuts/any fruit of your choice/tender coconut water
    • One plate of salad with vinegar dressing.
    • Choose any one: 2 multigrain rotis/one bowl of rice.
    • Choose any one: one bowl of pulses/egg scrambled or fried/non-veg gravy.
    • One bowl of low-fat curd.
    • Choose any one: One glass of tea or coffee/one glass of buttermilk.
    • Choose any one: One fruit of your choice/one bowl of sprouts/one glass of whey protein drink.
    • One bowl of chicken gravy.
    • Choose any one: One bowl of rice/2 multigrain rotis.
    • Salad.
    • One bowl of low-fat curd/one bowl of vegetable dalia.
    • One bowl of sambhar.
    • One bowl of soup.
    Post Dinner
    • 4 to 5 nuts/one glass of warm low-fat milk.

    Week 2

    Early Morning

    • 10 ml wheatgrass juice.
    • 5 to 6 walnuts and almonds.


    • Choose any one: 2 medium vegetable uthappam with sambhar/one bowl vegetable dalia upma/2 medium paneer or oats dosa/one bowl pongal/one bowl poha.
    • One glass vegetable juice.


    • Choose any one: One glass of protein shake with milk/assorted fruit platter/tender coconut juice


    • One bowl of veggie soup


    • 2 multigrain rotis.
    • One bowl veg/non-veg gravy.
    • One bowl of boiled pulses.
    • One bowl of rice.
    • One bowl of mixed vegetables.
    • One veg and egg omelette.


    • 2 flour-based khakras/any one fruit.
    • One cup green tea.


    • Chicken biryani/vegetable pulao.
    • One bowl of raita.
    • One bowl of veg or chicken salad.
    • One bowl of steamed rice.
    • One bowl of mix veg sambhar.
    • One bowl of veg/non-veg gravy.
    • 2 multigrain rotis.
    • One bowl of pulses/fish curry.
    • One bowl curd.

    Post Dinner

    • One glass of whey protein shake/one glass of warm milk.

    Week 3

    Early Morning

    • Green leafy vegetable juice.
    • Any one fruit.


    • Choose any one: One bowl of vegetable poha/2 oats odli with sambhar/2 methi paranthas with low fat curd/2 mixed vegetable uttapams with mixed veg sambhar.

    • Any one fruit/nuts.


    • One bowl of sprout salad/one bowl of mixed veggie soup.


    • 2 multigrain rotis.
    • One bowl of veg or non-veg gravy.
    • One bowl pulses/one bowl red rice.
    • One bowl mix veg sambhar.
    • One bowl low-fat curd.


    • Peanut chikki.
    • Mixed veggie juice.


    • One bowl of fruit and veggie mix salad.
    • 2 wheat rotis.
    • One bowl of non-veg gravy/one bowl brown rice.
    • One bowl of pulses.
    • One bowl of curd.

    Post Dinner

    • One glass of whey protein shake.

    Week 4

    Early Morning

    • Amla juice.
    • Mix of walnuts and almonds.


    • 2 dal paranthas
    • One bowl of low fat curd/vegetable pancakes.
    • One bowl of raita.
    • Paneer and veggie rice.
    • One bowl of curd.


    • 3 to 4 dry fruits/one bowl of cut fresh fruits.


    • One bowl of sprout salad/one bowl of grilled chicken.


    • One bowl of millet and dal khichdi.
    • One bowl of mixed vegetables/2 multigrain rotis.
    • One bowl non-veg gravy/scrambled egg.
    • One glass of buttermilk.
    • One bowl sambhar.


    • One cup of boiled corn.
    • One cup coffee/tea/green tea/one fruit of your choice.


    • One bowl of vegetable and seeds salad.
    • 2 multigrain rotis.
    • One non-veg gravy/pulses of your choice/one bowl of brown or red rice.
    • One bowl of veg sambhar.
    • Scrambled egg.

    Post Dinner

    • One glass of warm milk.

    Following the above diet chart for weight loss for females will ensure that you get to reduce your weight in a healthy manner over a duration of four weeks. Regular exercising along with staying active ensures that your body is in shape and fit.

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