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    Here Are 20 Weight Loss Foods That Help You Shed Extra Pounds

    By Kalyani Sakharkar

    If you are one of those people who is forever in the quest for foods that will help in losing weight and shedding those few extra pounds of weight gained over the winter, this list might just be all that you need.

    We have for you a list of the 20 most effective foods that aid your weight loss and help you shed some weight. Everything that you eat has a certain metabolic pathway. Each food has a tendency to either get burnt easily or stay in your system for long.

    They can all contribute to different reactions in your body. To help you lose weight, we have made a list of some of the foods that do more good to your body than processed diet foods.

    So, just go through the list and follow our simple tips to consume them, you will surely lose that weight you have been targeting for a while.

    20 Weight Loss Friendly Foods For Losing Weight:

    1. Eggs

    Eggs are a rich source of proteins. Consuming a good amount of protein will make you feel satiated quickly and also keep you from consuming more carbs. We suggest that you consume the whole egg. Egg yolk contains omega-3 fatty acids that are great for a healthy body. Having eggs in the breakfast can keep you feeling full and hence consume lesser calories.

    2. Spinach And Other Greens

    Green leafy vegetables are a good thing to eat for every type of a diet. They are rich sources of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body's growth. But one of the most important green veggies is spinach. It is high in iron content and low in calories. Eat it by making its soup, toss it in a salad or just add it to your dal, a good bowl of spinach can increase your fat-burning capacity.

    3. Cottage Cheese/Paneer

    For vegetarians, cottage cheese is an excellent source of proteins. Incorporate it in your every day meals and increase the amount of proteins you consume. Since it is a dairy product, it is also high in calcium. It is a well-known fact that calcium aids in the fat-burning process. So consuming paneer is a great way to get your metabolism kick started.

    4. Walnuts

    A lot of people contest that nuts in general are fattening only because they contain a high amount of fat. That is not at all true. Nuts like walnuts contain good fats along with a balanced amount of protein and fibre. They are far healthier to be used as snacks than high-in-carb wafers and chips. They can improve your metabolism and help in weight loss. Make sure not to over eat them though.

    5. Beetroot

    Beetroot is an excellent addition to any food list for people of all ages. It is a great blood purifier and keeps your body pumped with nutrients and minerals. It boosts your stamina and improves your body's resistance. It is also known to increase your body's metabolic rate, thus helping you shed the extra kilos.

    6. Cauliflower

    Cauliflower is a vegetable that is least appreciated but has some of the most abundant amount of nutrients. It contains Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Folate, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Fiber, Protein, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium. It contains less calories and more amount of Fiber. Since fiber is an essential nutrient for people willing to lose weight, cauliflower makes for the perfect vegetable to eat. Be it raw, cooked or boiled, cauliflower can be a great addition to your weight loss foods list.

    7. Bananas

    Contrary to the popular belief, bananas do not increase your weight, in fact they help you in weight loss because of their high fiber content. It is low in fat and also has a low glycaemic index. It is packed with antioxidants and is absolutely amazing for your skin and hair. Bananas will help you gain weight only when you have them with milk. So, if you are willing to lose weight, stay away from milk while having bananas and you shall be just fine.

    8. Olive Oil

    Olive oil can be a good choice of cooking oil if weight loss is your major concern. Olive oil contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids and good fats that are healthy for your body. It fights free radical damage and helps you lose weight.

    9. Cabbage

    Every salad that you ate for losing weight would have had cabbage in it. Ever wondered why? Well, it has more fiber than a lot of other vegetables in your refrigerator. It has very less calories and is a good cure for treating constipation. It also has a good amount of vitamin C that gives it good anti-ageing properties.

    10. Tomatoes

    Tomato is one of the lesser known fat-fighting foods. Add tomatoes to your grocery list, as it helps you in getting rid of bloating and excess water retention in your body, it reverses leptin resistance. This can be great, since leptin helps stabilize the body's metabolism and appetite. If you are looking forward to losing those extra pounds, tomatoes can give you a good start.

    11. Grapefruit

    Grapefruit is well known for its weight loss properties. After all, there is a diet named after it that a lot of Hollywood celebrities swear by for losing and maintaining weight loss. Have a glass of grapefruit juice half an hour before each meal and it has been proven to help you reduce weight. It's a source of vitamin C and can really be good for the overall health of your body.

    12. Coconut Oil

    Known as one of the best cooking oils, coconut oil is a perfect addition to your pantry for targeting weight loss. It is also great for losing belly fat. Coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides. It boosts your body's metabolism and keeps you feeling full for a longer time.

    13. Yogurt

    Yogurt or curd is always a great idea. It contains probiotic bacteria that are good for improving the health of your gut. Full-fat yogurt is good for your body. The better the health of your gut, the better your body functions will be. It helps in fighting leptin resistance and keeps your hormones in check. It also helps fight type 2 diabetes.

    14. Salmon

    Salmon is an oily fish. It is very healthy and contains some high-grade proteins and healthy fats. It has a significant amount of iodine. It is extremely essential in the proper functioning of your thyroid gland and its hormones. These are important for keeping your weight regulated. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon will reduce any inflammation in your body.

    15. Beans

    Beans, black beans and kidney beans are all a good addition to your pantry for weight loss. It contains a good amount of protein that is essential for your muscle build-up and fiber that will make you feel satiated quick and keep you going for long, hence consuming lesser calories at once.

    16. Coffee

    Coffee is great to be had in a low-carb diet. It boosts your metabolism and kick-starts your day with a good fat burning. To serve your weight loss goals, skip the milk and have coffee which is dark and unsweetened. It will have much lesser calories than normal coffee. A cup of black coffee every day is a good idea for losing weight.

    17. Citrus Fruits

    Citrus fruits are a great way to reduce weight while still enjoying your fruits. They contain vitamin C and fiber. It contains more water than a lot of other fruits and will be great to keep you on track. Just keep in mind not to over eat them and consume too many at a time to restrict the amount of calories you consume.

    18. Turmeric

    Add turmeric to your shopping list for the amazing health benefits that it provides. It is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory agent that has great weight-loss properties as well. Add turmeric in not just your food but to milk every night, and it will help in digestion of the food and burn fat.

    19. Avocados

    One of the most nutritious fruits there ever was, avocados have more reasons to be on this list than any other foods. It is proven to lower cholesterol, reduce hunger pangs and help you reduce belly fat. Avocadoes are lower in calories and have the potential to keep you satiated for long. So, the next time you feel hungry, grab yourself this super fruit.

    20. Chicken Breast

    Chicken breast has the highest amount of proteins. It is great for a weight loss diet, since having protein can make you add about 80 to 90 calories more. Protein helps you in staying full and hence reduces excess calorie consumption. It also contains fats, but remember your true enemy is carbs and not whole fat.

    So, these weight loss foods are the only ones to pick the next time you go grocery shopping. Make sure you follow a healthy and balanced diet and complement your diet with some exercise. Soon, you'll see the number on your weighing scale dropping. Good luck!

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    Story first published: Saturday, March 31, 2018, 15:30 [IST]
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