Can You Really Lose Weight By Eating Pasta?

Early Humans, our ancestors, never fussed over food, as it was limitedly available. They ate whatever nature provided them with. Women never fussed over how much weight they have gained and there are no records to show that humans starved themselves just to attain what seems to be a superficial idea about the perfect body.

In fact, curvaceous women were more sought-after by the men those days, as they were considered to be more fertile.

low glycemic index pasta

In the 21st century, women strive for a size-zero body and they can go to any lengths in achieving it. Some are ready to even sacrifice their immense love for food to attain a "perfect body". In this effort, women try everything possible under the sun to lose weight.

They starve themselves endlessly and only survive on liquids. They give up on their favourite foods, restrict themselves from outings and parties only to obtain results. The usual rice and roti are replaced with salads, soups and tasteless bland food.

But this only aggravates the problem further and adds to their health woes. So the question is, "What is the perfect way to successfully lose weight?''

This question baffled the scientists around the world, who worked tirelessly and burnt the midnight oil just to find out how the amazing human body works and what can cause it to lose weight. Thousands of researches and studies were conducted.

The first thing was to identify the problem-causing foods. Healthy foods like eggs, butter and essential carbs such as rice and western foods like pasta were shunned for their high-carbohydrate content. Eliminating them from the diet would definitely result in weight loss, they said. But what about the essential nutrients and energy these very products give us?

The breakthrough in this field happened when the scientists finally discovered that the most effective way to lose weight is to ACTUALLY EAT.

It was initially a rude shock to all the religious dieters who were near-to-death for achieving a perfect body. Who wouldn't be upset when they realised that they were in fact counter-productive in their efforts to lose weight? Instead of starving themselves, the only thing they had to do was to eat right and follow it up with exercise.

After this news went viral, the next big thing was about what kind of foods were considered healthy. People started limiting their consumption of starchy foods, which were full of carbohydrates. The most-consumed foods in this category that were heavily on the radar were Rice and Pasta.

While Rice is a staple in our country, pasta is widely consumed in western Europe. Healthier versions of rice cropped up, which were readily accepted by the health enthusiasts. Pasta was something that suffered a major setback because of its high content of carbohydrates. This fact started attracting a negative vibe around pasta and people started considering it as junk food.

But things started looking brighter for the western staple when recent studies carried out by a team of eminent doctors from St Michael's Hospital in Toronto suggested that pasta can indeed help lose weight if had along in moderate quantities and with fresh veggies.

The scientists did their own research and also referred various journals published on the dietary facts of pasta to conclude that including 2-3 normal servings of pasta per week can help a person actually lose weight.

It was noted that the main cause of the cereal getting back its healthy status was the fact that it was relatively low in its Glycemic index, which avoids spike in blood sugar. This makes it diabetic friendly too.

Foods which are low in Glycemic index not only help control blood sugar but also keep us full for longer and help us avoid binge-eating. All these factors contribute to weight loss. But you need to eat it right.

So, here are a few ways in which you can consume pasta in order to lose weight.

1) Eat Limited Portions:

The magic to weight loss indeed lies in the portion sizes. Having a cup of cooked pasta will provide you with 12% of your daily calorie intake. This will not only reduce your dependence on high-calorie food but also will help you keep a track of the calories consumed.

2) Add Loads Of Veggies:

Adding a big load of healthy veggies will load up your pasta with all the essential nutrients required by your body. Veggies are also extremely low-cal, so it only speeds up your weight loss program.

3) Choose Your Dressing Carefully:

While dressing your pasta, make sure to choose simple home-made sauces with less of oil and preservatives. Also, avoid loading up on cheese on the pasta, especially macaroni. Do remember that while you are allowed to eat pasta, cheese is still fattening.

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