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    8 Easy Ways To Burn Calories Throughout The Day

    By Smita Das

    A health-conscious regime always aims at burning calories throughout the day. People do a lot of things and different workouts to burn calories; but not all workouts turn out to be effective nor all calorie-curbing tricks seem to work out.

    As such burning calories might be challenging. However, you can effectively lose out on the calories throughout the day with the combination of a healthy diet, exercise, lifestyle changes along with a number of home remedies.

    ways to burn calories throughout the day

    Here are a few helpful ways that could help you burn calories throughout the day without much of an effort or without a mandatory routine of hitting the gym.


    1. Starting The Day

    If heavy exercises are not included in your regime, you can just start the day with some warm-up exercises. Even 10 minutes of sweating can do wonders. Some quick Yoga asanas can be very welcoming to start the day with and can also help with dropping some quick calories. You can also invest a few minutes for a short walk or take up gardening.


    2. Breakfast Rules

    A healthy breakfast is a crucial part of a diet plan. But the first rule is not to miss breakfast. It is said that having breakfast boosts the metabolism. Moreover, a healthy breakfast can make you crave less for the extra bit of snacks that you would otherwise consume if you skip breakfast.


    3. Walk While You Talk

    We spend so much of our time over the phone, don't we? How about shedding some weight while talking to your loved ones? When the phone rings, make it a habit to walk. Walk around the house or your office when talking over the phone.


    4. Chew Gum

    Chewing gum is a fun way to get rid of the unwanted calories. Chewing on a gum not only exercises the muscles of the mouth but can also help drop off the calories. It is noted that chewing gum can lead you to eat 10% less. It can make you consume less calories by making you skip those snacks, which adds on to the extra flab in your body.


    5. Drink Like A Fish

    Yes, drinking water can lead you to shed calories. Prefer water over beverages that contain sugar. Also, it is suggested to keep a small bottle of water, so that you have to move yourself to help fill the bottle every now and then and in this process, you prevent yourself from sticking to your chair. This is a great way to give off the extra calories that you consume unconsciously.


    6. Taking To The Floor

    Yes, sitting on the floor can be an effective way to lose calories. Say no to the couch and no to calories and instead sit on the floor while watching TV or just while lying around. While sitting on the floor and getting up can be a form of an exercise, when you tend to sit on the floor quite often, you also tend to lose a few of your calories.


    7. Night-time Walks

    A short walk after 30 minutes of dinner with your partner or even with the pets can be an effective and lovely way to shed your calories. While you spend some quality time with your companion during the walk, it can also help you digest your food and aid in a better sleep.


    8. Getting To Bed Early

    Hitting the bed early can curb unhealthy craving and munching of snacks late night and prevent the body from getting the extra calories. Also, it is a proved fact that a good and full night's sleep is very essential for weight maintenance. So, you can sleep your way to fitness by hitting the bed early.

    You don't always have to expose yourself to grueling sessions of exercises or starve to lose weight. You can lose weight by following the above-mentioned steps throughout the day.

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    Story first published: Saturday, February 24, 2018, 12:00 [IST]
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