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What To Eat To Increase Muscle Mass

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If you're eating the right nutrients, then you're not going to have strong and well-toned muscles.

Every time you curl or press, you're actually breaking down your muscles, causing microtears in the fibres.

Only when you're resting, your body will rebuild and strengthen the muscles. For this to happen, you need to properly fuel your body.

Getting your daily dose of foods and supplements, you'll see and feel a difference to your body.

nutrients to increase muscle mass

Ask any dieters or body builders, you'll notice that bodybuilding is more than 50% nutrition.

For beginners or those heading back to the gym after a long time, you can expect to make strength gain, but not without a solid nutrition programme.

The more serious you're about your nutrition, the more serious will be for the muscle gain.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the top nutrients to increase muscle mass. Read further to know what to eat to increase muscle mass.


1. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is found in all fruits and vegetables. It is responsible for the health of the blood vessels that support the muscles need for oxygen and nutrients. You can get the required amount from a medium orange, half a red bell pepper or a cup of strawberries.


2. Fish Oil:

Omega 3s, the fatty acids found in fish oil is what helps in increasing the blood flow to the muscles, reduce the muscle protein breakdown and decrease the inflammation for faster recovery. This is one of the best nutrients to increase muscle mass.


3. Calcium:

Calcium helps in ensuring healthy and strong bones and muscles. When you lift a dumbbell, your muscles contract and the minerals give the muscle the cue to contract and grow.


4. Magnesium:

Magnesium is essential for alleviating muscle cramps and soreness, after you are achy from the weight lifting. You can find magnesium in spinach, nuts, legumes and whole grains.

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Story first published: Monday, August 7, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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