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Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

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Like gray hair and bad knees, weight gain is something that is utterly dreadful after a certain age. As you get older, your metabolism slows down, your energy also lags and juggling your family life and looking for yourself seem to be an uphill task.

Losing weight as you age is a very difficult task and will not be as easy as it was in your 20s. This article is all about the tricks that will help you lose weight after your 40s.

Shedding those unwanted pounds will turn out to be the most difficult task at that time. This article will help you with some of the best tips and tricks for losing weight after 40.

Continue reading this article to know how the best methods of losing weight after 40 can really work.


1. Track Everything:

Eating smaller portions and tracking everything that you eat is the best thing that you can do to lose weight. Since the metabolic rate slows down you need to really keep a check on the foods you eat.


2. Ditch Sugar:

Giving up on sugar will help you lose weight effortlessly and will also aid in getting rid of puffiness in the hands, face and feet. This is the best way of losing weight after 40.


3. Control Your Portions:

You can eat everything, but try to take it in lesser and smaller proportions. As much as possible, try to opt for more greens, fresh fruits and vegetables.


4. Eat Mindfully:

Eating more mindfully will help you realise if you're truly hungry or just emotionally unstable. Like they say, you are what you eat, you must definitely adopt this method to lose weight faster in your 40s.


5. Eliminate Processed Foods:

Cutting out on processed foods and replacing it with more fruits and vegetables will help you give yourself the right balance. Also, remember to be physically active and make sure you exercise on a daily basis.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 19, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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