Easy Ways To Cut Down On Your Calories

By Sripriya Satish

What does the term 'cutting down on calories' bring to your mind's eye? Maybe hitting the gym doing strenuous workouts with all those equipment!

Well! That would require a lot of will power and effort indeed! What if you have the option to cut down on calories and reach your weight loss goals without even realizing it? Yes! You have read it right!

This article lists out some of the easy ways to cut down on calories by making them a part and parcel of your life!

how to cut down calories

By adopting these easy ways to shed weight, you can easily lead a healthy lifestyle and yet not torture your body with rigorous diet and strenuous exercises.

Weight loss tips: How to decrease daily calorie intake, वजन घटाने के तरीके

But a word of caution! A certain amount of exercise is a must for your body to make it flexible and fit.

Eating Small Meals 4 To 5 Times A Day:

Instead of loading your plate with a lot of food in a single meal, the same quantity of food which you were supposed to eat can be split into smaller ones, say, it can be divided into four to five meals a day. The advantage of adopting this strategy is that hunger cravings at odd hours can be curbed easily.

Include Fruits As Snacks:

Instead of mindlessly munching junk foods in the name of snacks, it is best to opt for fresh fruits. We all know, as fruits are rich in fibre and water content, they can easily fill up our stomachs thus putting an end to the hunger cravings. Being loaded with essential minerals and vitamins, they are relatively low in fat and calories and thus can keep our body trim without increasing our waistline.

Eat Plenty Of Vegetables: Eating vegetables instead of rice or pasta can go a long way in cutting down on calories. Starting your meal with vegetables or salads and then going on to consuming high carbohydrate foods is always advisable. There is a reason for this! Vegetables are loaded with fibre and it takes a while for them to get digested. As a result, you can get easily the feeling of fullness and thus the overall quantity of food consumption will be less.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

Drinking plenty of water is a very nice strategy to cut down on calories. Studies indicate that an intake of 0.5 l of water may lead to the increase in burning of calories within an hour and thus result in weight loss. Also, consuming water before food intake may lead to a reduction of appetite, thereby leading to the reduced addition of calories. Water is 100 percent calorie-free and thus can be relied on completely to cut down the calorific intake.

Avoid Soda And Sugar-Containing Juices:

Though our first choice would be to reach out for soda- or sugar-containing juices to quench our thirst, in reality, they are the main culprits for gaining weight. Being high in calorie values, these sugary drinks can easily add those few pounds to your body which you are dying to shed off. Completely avoiding the sweetened beverages and replacing them with sparkling water which is completely calorie free is always the right choice to cut down on calories.

Go For High-Protein Meals:

Meals with a high amount of protein would be the right choice to curb the cravings of your sweet tooth. Nuts, seeds and other snacks which are high in protein can easily curb your appetite and thus can result in reduced calorie intake.

Home-made Foods:

Cooking meals at home would always be a healthier choice as we can customize our food according to our will and wish and this cannot be done with the foods that we eat outside. Home cooks prefer to make low-calorie foods and have an eye for nutritional values, thus this could be a nice way to cut down on calories.

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    Story first published: Saturday, August 26, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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