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20 Real Ways To Reduce Weight Without Going To The Gym

By Sravia Sivaram
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The popular weight loss manthra that most of us follow is to eat less and walk more. But did you know that exercise alone is not going to help us with effective weight loss?

Instead of spending a bombshell in the name of gym fees as well as hours of your time at the gym, following some simple and real ways that we have mentioned in this article will help you shed pounds right at home.

Intense workouts can undermine your weight loss efforts by making you hungrier. Hunger can only make you indulge in more as you're creating a calorie deficit.

Further, people tend to overestimate the amount of calories that they burn when they workout. As a result, people might compensate this by eating more calories than what they actually burnt.

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In this article, we have listed some of the real ways on how to reduce weight without hitting the gym.


1. Go To Bed Early:

Not getting a good quality of sleep can increase your hunger hormones and decrease the satiety hormone leptin. Sleep-deprived night cravings can make you indulge in unhealthy, high-calorie snacks. This is one of the best tips to lose weight without hitting the gym.


2. Take Black Coffee:

Taking black coffee on a regular basis using calorie-laden additives like sugar, flavoured syrup, cream, etc., can only ruin your weight loss effort. Taking your coffee black will help you save 500 calories a week and also lower your risk of insulin resistance, diabetes and other metabolic disorders.


3. Carry A Water Bottle Everywhere:

More than 60% of the time, we wrongly respond to thirst by eating rather than drinking. Keeping a water bottle with you will help you respond to thirst correctly and it will also help you keep full.


4. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Using a bottle of extra virgin olive oil for cooking helps to reduce appetite and promote weight loss, as it contains polyphenols.


5. Don't Go Fat Free:

Going fat free will not help you attain weight loss. Studies have shown that people who ate full-fat dairy products tended to weigh less and gained less weight over time.


6. Stash A Snack In Your Bag:

When you're hungry and running on an empty stomach, your body switches to starvation mode and increases the production of hunger hormones. This can cause you to overcompensate on your next meal and lead to further weight gain.


7. Keep Chopped Veggies With You:

Consumption of high-fibre vegetables can lead to greater weight loss efforts when compared with diets that are low in high-fibre foods. These veggies are very satiating and are full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants that can displace snacks.


8. Make At least One Of Your Meals Meatless:

Researchers found that people who ate a vegetarian high-protein meal consumed 12% fewer calories in their next meal than those who ate meat.


9. Keep A Stocked Freezer:

If you keep healthy ingredients stocked in your freezer like frozen fruits, veggies and pre-portioned protein, then you'll not resort to unhealthy delivery meal.


10. Kick Out The Can:

One of the simplest ways to cut calories is to limit the products that have added sugar. These simple carbs are devoid of nutrients and can cause you to be perpetually hungry.


11. Prepare Your Own Lunch:

Preparing your lunch means you have the calorie cutting power. Preparing some super-healthy lunches will help you save 600 calories a meal.


12. Utilise Your Lunch Break:

Eating your lunch thinking about your work can make you distracted and you might consume 288 calories more in one sitting. Hence, you need to practice mindful eating during your breaks. This is one of the best tips to lose weight without hitting the gym.


13. Get Rid Of Stress:

A new study has revealed that being stressed can override your benefits of making smart food choices. When you're constantly stressed, the stress hormone cortisol builds up in your body and forces you to store fat.


14. Clear Food Off Your Workspace:

To curb your junk food consumption, you need to start ridding your work space where you spend most of the time of the day off food. Failing to do so can trigger visual hunger that can increase your levels of hunger hormone.


15. Substitute Fries For Your Side Salad:

Subtract the fries from your menu along with your favourite dish. In this way, you can save over 150 calories.


16. Serve Yourself:

A simple way to avoid eating unhealthy foods is to serve yourself. By doing so, you can serve yourself the healthy foods alone and curb your unhealthy indulgence.


17. Avoid Diet Foods:

Diet foods are simply marketing ploys. They are loaded with artificial sugars like sucralose and aspartame. Consuming these will trigger sweet receptors in the brain and that will make you crave for more food.


18. Follow Portion Control:

Portion control can save you from 100 of calories in the long run. Ordering your favourite latte in a smaller cup will help you save about 150 calories.


19. Take A Hike:

Exercising outdoors is considered the best when compared to working out at the gym. It also helps you connect more with nature and relieves depression and stress.


20. Reduce Your Social Dinner:

No, we are not asking you to socialize less. Studies have shown that men are at a risk of overeating when in social situations. So, make sure to reduce your social gatherings to some extent.

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