Lose Your Weight By Just Lying Down For 5 Minutes!! Read To Know How

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Yes, there is this real, quick method to lose weight without the need for any diet or strenuous exercise. You wouldn't require any special equipment for this and all that you need is a towel, twine or a ribbon to fasten it in a roll or onto a flat surface. Here's how to lose weight without any exercise or diet.

The main cause of abdominal fat is due to the variance of the pelvic bone and the subcostal bone. You might have come across several weight loss methods where you are supposed to undergo several rounds of rigorous diet and exercises.

What if we tell you that this method requires you to just lie down for five minutes for three times in a day? Yes, this part is hard to believe, but we are not kidding.

This article will help you in realizing one of the best forms of weight loss methods that you might have been desiring for all your life. This is also one of the quickest methods to lose weight fast without any exercise.

Spend just five minutes every morning, evening and night and this could help you in losing weight. Doing this will not only reduce your belly fat, but will also reduce your overall weight. Continue reading to know how to lose weight without any exercise and diet.


Step 1:

Roll the towel and fix it with some tape and sit on the floor. Then, lie down on the towel and make sure that the towel is wider than the width of the back.


Step 2:

Spread your legs at shoulder width, leaning your legs, so that the thumbs are touching.


Step 3:

Now extend your hand over your head, turning the palms down in the position where the two small fingers will touch.


Step 4:

If you cannot reach the end of the hand, reach out as much as possible.


Step 5:

Lie down for five minutes each day in this position. First follow this for 1-2 minutes a session and then gradually increase the duration.


Point To Be Noted:

There might be some uncomfortable pain in the beginning due to the stretching, and while returning back to the normal position. For positive results, do this continuously without missing a day.



If you suffer from bone or spine ailment, better consult your doctor before doing this. Lying in this position will make your bones and ankle inflexible for sometime. Hence, avoid any rapid or sudden movement after doing this.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 14:39 [IST]
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