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Check Out Katrina Kaif's Fitness & Diet Secrets That Are Undoubtedly The Best!

The super-hot Katrina Kaif is known for her svelte figure. Have you ever wondered what might be the secret to her sizzling body?

With her birthday falling around the corner, we in Boldsky have delved deeper into her daily life to uncover her fitness and diet secrets.

She is no doubt one of the top actresses that most of the girls in our country idolize.

Katrina is known to be a big fan of Yoga and has said it takes care of her mental peace.

katrina kaif jagga jasoos

You are aware that Rome wasn't built in a day and those amazing abs that this Bollywood diva has didn't get there all by itself.

Katrina follows a regular fitness routine and a wholesome diet that make sure she stays as fit as a fiddle. Meanwhile, also learn about the healthy drink secret of Deepika Padukone.

Miss Kaif ensures that she does her pilates, functional training, plyometric, TRC and cardio without fail. So, if you have been wondering what are the top diet secrets of this Bollywood actress, the answer is here!

She has an incredible fitness level that all of us are envious about. We say, there is no point in just sitting without moving a finger.

You need to stop thinking and start acting immediately! To make things easier for you, we have listed the top fitness and diet secrets of Katrina Kaif for this purpose.

Katrina Kaif - Workout Secrets:

1. Yoga:

Katrina has always been a big fan of Yoga. She ensures that her lean and fit figure stays the way it is by doing yoga regularly. She practices yoga religiously for her physical and mental well-being. Kaif makes sure she never misses her yoga session.

2. Swimming And Cycling:

Cycling is considered as the best exercise for the abs and she does just that to perfect her abs. This combined with swimming helps her finish this task with ease.

3. Jogging:

Katrina jogs every day and she does this as a part of her warm-up routine.

4. Gym:

Her gym regimen mostly consists of core and abs exercises. She does light-weight training.

Katrina Kaif - Diet Secrets:

a. Early Morning:

Soon after waking up, she drinks four glasses of water, first thing in the morning.

b. Breakfast:

Her breakfast consists of cereal, oatmeal, pomegranate juice and egg white.

c. Lunch:

The diet for lunch includes legumes, green salad and boiled rice. She completely avoids fried foods. Katrina prefers boiled rice, as it is fat free. She consumes lessof carbohydrates, as her workout is not very complex.

d. Dinner:

She makes sure to have dinner at least 2 hours before bed-time. She eats vegetable soup, dal or boiled veggies with chappati (oil free) and a green salad.

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