Food Combinations That Help To Lose Weight In A Jiffy!

By: Rima Chowdhury

Each one of us wants to trim the waist fat quickly, but fail to achieve this goal every time. However, if you want to cut off the unwanted fat from the body and trim your waist to the regular size, here are a few food combinations you must give a try.

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These food combinations help to boost metabolism in the body and also cut off the unwanted fats easily. More and deep research confirms that pairing these foods together can work wonders on the body and cut off the excess body fat in a jiffy.

Check out the food combinations that you should try at least once.

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1. Corn And Beans

While you might love corn, pairing it with boiled beans can help to cut off the extra fats from the body. According to recent studies, four weekly servings of protein and fiber-rich beans has proved to aid weight loss. Pairing these legumes with corn can help to boost the effect of slimming in the body. So, the next time you want to consume corn, mix it with beans.


2. Coffee And Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon is known to be calorie-free food and it works effectively if combined with morning coffee. Due to effective antioxidants present in cinnamon, it helps to cut off the fat accumulation in the body and also churn the fats from the belly. In order to promote weight loss, you should combine coffee with cinnamon powder.


3. Cayenne Pepper And Chicken

You can turn on the heat in the body by combining cayenne pepper along with chicken. Chicken is a protein-rich food which can help to boost satiety in a person and when combined with cayenne pepper, it can help to lose weight. According to researchers, chilli pepper can help to work effectively on the stubborn belly fat. Including chicken and cayenne pepper in your regular diet can help to cut off the fats easily.


4. Potatoes And Pepper

While potatoes have been fairly known for increasing fat in a person, combining it with the proper type of food can help to cut off the extra fat from the body. According to studies, it is said that potatoes are actually more filling than fiber-rich brown rice and oatmeal. It can help to give a slimming effect when combined with cayenne pepper. Due to Piperine, the powerful compound found in pepper, it helps to trim the waist fat and also lower the level of cholesterol.


5. Garlic And Fish

Due to omega-3 fatty acids present in fish, it lowers the triglyceride level and treats inflammation in the body. Consuming garlic and fish together can help to boost the metabolism in the body and also burn the excess fat cells. So, when you are cooking fish the next time, make sure you add a lot of garlic to it.


6. Dark Chocolates And Apple

Dark chocolates are a blissful dessert, which help to work on your waistline effectively. Due to a large amount of antioxidants present in the cocoa powder, it helps to trim down the extra fats from the body and also lower the blood sugar level. Combining dark chocolate with apple can work wonders when it comes to losing extra fats from the body.

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