Follow The 8-hour Diet Plan To Cut Down The Excess Fat From Your Body

Weight loss is something that has to be approached with caution. You must not deprive yourself of the nutrition that you require, as this can lead to problems such as ulcer, disrupted metabolism, etc.

This diet that we are introducing here is an eating schedule in which you need to eat for 8 hours and then fast for the next 16 hours. It can sound seemingly impossible to you, but trust us, this is one of the most effective and quick weight loss diet plans out there.

While following this diet, you also need to try and sleep for 8 hours. You need to spend the other 8 hours, eating in a controlled and scheduled manner. In this article, we are introducing you to one of the best quick weight loss diet plans.

It is not very difficult to control your hunger for 16 hours. You can spend the other 8 hours doing your regular activities.

best diet to lose weight

This diet also has several other benefits that you need to know of and it goes far more than just removing the excess fat from the body.

This diet aids with digestion, helps burn more calories and also prevents diseases and ageing signs from appearing early in life.

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Since the intake of calories is restricted to 8 hours a day, it increases the time between the last meal and breakfast. Further, the 8-hour diet plan gives the body maximum time to digest everything.

So, read this article further to know what to eat while following the eight-hour diet plan.

Point #1: Start With Green Tea

As you wake up, you need to start your day with a cup of detox tea or green tea. This helps in kick-starting your metabolism and also helps you consume less throughout the day.

Point #2: Your Perfect Breakfast Combo

Later, you can take a banana or kale smoothie with some wheat/corn flakes along with skimmed milk. You can also take eggs with a toast or anything else, in case you're lactose intolerant.

Point #3: Pre-Lunch Snack

Before you head for lunch, you can take a watery fruit like watermelon. You can also go for a vegetable salad and 4 soaked almonds. It is considered as one of the best diet plans to lose weight.

Point #4: The Fat Blasting Lunch

Your lunch should include either a tuna or vegetable salad or baked fish. Couple this with vegetables, low-fat yogurt and some fresh fruit juice.

Point #5: Post-Lunch Meal

After you're done with your lunch, you can take one orange or an apple along with a dark chocolate brownie.

Point #6: Your Perfect Evening Snack

When it comes to the evening snack, you can take some popcorn, baked potato wafers or nachos with low-fat mayonnaise.

Point #7: How You Need To End The Diet For The Day

Your dinner must include chicken/lentil soup with fruit custard, some grilled vegetables/chicken kebab with bread. You can also go for vegetable lasagna or cucumber juice. Otherwise, you can also go for a glass of milk or some kidney beans with rotis.

Point #8: Point To Be Noted

It is recommended to take various foods for eight hours, but the gap of 16 hours is considered huge.

Point #9: When Should You Have Your Dinner

Make it a point to have your dinner by 6 PM sharp and do not consume anything after that.

Point #10: Physical Activity Is A Must

You can also incorporate exercise into your schedule. Doing some form of physical activity for at least three times a week is necessary. This is because weight loss equals 70% healthy diet and 30% of exercise.

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