Is Rope Exercise The New Trend In Fitness?

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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Even if you are a gym enthusiast, hitting the gym or doing the same old running day after day can get really boring. It has hard to muster the energy for the same boring fitness routine.

These days, fitness choices are not just limited to jogging or gymming. The latest kid on the block is battle ropes. Although ropes aren’t really new.

They have been confined to gyms and training rooms; and now they are finally entering the mainstream. It is now time to include it in your fitness routine too.

Today, we at Boldsky will talk about the latest entrant on the fitness block – the battle rope. This lunch time pursuit is now cool for grownups too.

Battle ropes are a great option for those looking to build muscles and shed some extra weight. Battle ropes help in gaining muscles that are harder to achieve with the basic weight training. You could look for nylon or rubber ropes.

So, why should you include battle ropes in your fitness regime? Have a look at the various reasons:

new trend in fitness

Time Saving
The reason for the popularity of the battle rope is that it is quick yet very powerful. It builds muscles; and unlike gymming, it doesn’t take much time. In today’s world, when we are always on the move, battle rope proves to be time saving and effective.

Burns Your Fat
Battle ropes are fast replacing the traditional form of exercises. Battle ropes not only help build muscles, but they are also an excellent way to lose weight fast. So, you got all the more reasons to include it in your fitness regime, right?

new trend in fitness

Modify To Your Level
The best thing about battle rope is that you can adjust it according to your fitness level. The enthusiasts can start at the beginners' level and then move on to higher levels as per their strength and stamina.

Different Variation
Unlike other form of fitness regimes, like gymming or running, there are very fewer chances of getting bored in battle ropes, as it has different variations. You can bring in different variations in it, according to your liking in battle ropes.

Is rope exercise the new trend in fitness

It Is Fun To Do
While every workout is different, doing the same set of exercises in the gym and running can get a little monotonous. With battle ropes, you get to try different variations. There is an impressive variety to keep your boredom at bay.

It Is Low Impact
During this form of a workout, minimal pressure is exerted on the joints. When using battle ropes, all the pressure is applied to the muscles.

new trend in fitness

You Can Take Them Anywhere
The best thing about battle ropes is that they can be taken to any place easily. They are small and easily fit into your carry bags. They are small enough to stuff in your handbag when you are on the move. They are one of the easiest fitness equipment around.

Soak Some Sunshine While You Workout
Why do we confine ourselves to the jam-packed gyms or yoga studios, when we can burn calories and even soak in some sunshine? What’s better than soaking on some vitamin D and also burning fats simultaneously?

So apply some sunscreen, grab your battle ropes and start working out! Those living in colder climates, just put on a jacket and rock it!

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