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Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

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Most women who hit a commercial gym prefer to confine themselves to the cardio area than clutching on to the nearest barbell.

While men, on the other hand, prefer to latch on to weight training than cardio. Most women usually feel intimidated when it comes to lifting weights, since they believe that only cardio can lead to a better body image and self-esteem.

Women don't realize the benefits of weight training and think cardio is a most useful part of an exercise regimen to build a toned body. As they think that doing weight training would only make them bulky and big.

However, the truth is that cardio alone can never give the toned body that most women desire for.

Whatever may be the reasons that you are avoiding the weights, in case you are a woman, you need to understand that lifting weights is the most efficient way to gain the lean physique that you are longing for.

It is time that you put your fear of weight training aside. Yoga and treadmill can have their place in the fitness world, yet the fact is that only strength training can help you to have a stronger body.

If you want to get fit, all you need to do is lift weights. Here are a few reasons why women should lift weights, have a look:


Builds A Stronger Body

Increasing your strength, would help you too be less dependent upon others for assistance in your day to day routine life. Doing regular household chores like buying groceries or doing the laundry can never really enhance the strength to the max.

Recent studies suggest that doing moderate weight training is capable of increasing a woman's strength by about 30 to 50 percent.


Promotes Fat Loss

When you lift something quite heavy, you are setting your body for certain metabolic reactions that utilize nutrients better and would also try to burn calories for around 36 hours after your rigorous workout.

The BMR (Basal Metobolic Rate) has power over the many calories your body burns while you rest. When you gain muscle, you are in turn increasing your BMR too which can help keep you slim. The more lean muscle on your body there are chances of less body fat that you would try to amass. It would be harder for you to even gain weight.



Doing weight training can increase the spinal bone mineral density which means it can enhance bone modeling up to 13 percent in a span of six months.

Only Weight training coupled with the right amount of dietary calcium can essentially help to wrestle against osteoporosis. Women should lift weight for defense against this medical condition.


Metabolic Rate

Strength training can in reality boost up your metabolic rate throughout the day by making you efficient at burning body fat even when you aren't exercising. This is one of the reasons why women should lift weight.



Strong girls will ooze confidence that can be stimulating. When you accomplish remarkable feats at the gym then you are accomplishing outer strength and this can tap on to your inner strength when you start to believe in yourself. Interestingly gym confidence can start to radiate even in every aspect of your life.



As you begin to build muscle your body would start to take an hourglass shape. Though doing endurance exercise can make you lose weight, but weight training focuses on the fat and muscle tissue. Women should lift weight so as to lose fat and muscle and in turn it can give you those lovely curves more efficiently. It even tries to create as well as maintain them.

These are some of the reasons why women should lift weight

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