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Here Is Why You Should Exercise

Posted By: Staff

By the end of the day, you do not have the energy to work out. Clearly, you have tried to work out, but you have never had the opportunity to stick to it. The easiest way out to exercise daily is to buy a pair of running shoes and get out there into open air. First start walking and then try jogging and then running.

Here is why you need a pair of running shoes. Exercise stimulates you and helps you to sleep. As you exercise, muscle tissues become stronger, your joints become supple and you may stay active longer without tiring.

here is why you should exercise

Put simply, the more you put on your running shoes and get out there into open air, the significantly less taxing it feels, and the more likely you are to love it and stay with it. Also it increases your metabolism rate, the speed at which the body burns calories while at rest.

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When you are physically active, you continue to burn additional calories even when you are not active. You might not lose a lot of weight taking leisurely strolls, but you will be able to keep your current weight in check. With running and a proper diet, you will probably lose a few pounds.

here is why you should exercise

Running helps to prevent diseases of the heart, reduces blood pressure levels, lowers cholesterol levels and prevents obesity and diabetes. Exercise also produces hormones that help in relieving the body of pain. It also helps to prevent breast and colon cancer. Exercising also helps to produce happy hormones that prevent anxiety and depression.

here is why you should exercise

You should buy a pair of running shoes immediately if you are obese. Walking is the best way in which you can start with a bit of exercise, otherwise you could become victims of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. Now you know why you need a pair of running shoes.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 10, 2016, 22:30 [IST]
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