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When To Exercise & When Not To!

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Exercising everyday should be an important part of your life. Exercising helps keep your body fit and active. According to a new study, one should go to the gym or take a brisk walk in the evening rather than early hours of the morning. No, this does not mean that exercising in the morning is bad. However, exercising in the evening is highly beneficial for health as the body's metabolism seems to adapt better when the sun sets.

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On the other hand, exercising post working hours also helps attain a higher level of fitness. It is important for beginners to follow a healthy exercise plan as this could be helpful to the body. If you're looking at losing weight and if you have a set goal, it is vital for you to know when to exercise and when not to exercise. These tips for beginners will only help with positive results in the future.

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So, take a look at what the experts advice on when to exercise and when not to exercise. Follow these healthy tips to stay fit and active. These exercise tips for beginners should be a must to follow:


Late Afternoon

Exercising in the late afternoon at around 3 to 4 pm is good for health. This is when the body's temperature is at it's highest point. It is during this time of the day your body produces more sweat.



If you're wondering when to exercise in the morning, it is preferably best between 10 to 11. At that time, in the day, the body feels active and the metabolism is at a higher rate too.


When Hit With Common Cold

Would you exercise when you're down with cold? Obviously not! However, experts suggest that exercising when you're suffering from cold can kill the infection and prevent it from causing other ailments.


On A Period

Experts state that it is best to exercise when you're menstruating. During this phase, the body releases endorphins which help in minimising the cramps in the stomach.



The best time to exercise is when the body is exhausted. That 30 minutes of exercise helps in promoting blood circulation and boosts the oxygen levels in the body making you feel pumped up and energetic.


Muscle Pain

Beginners should be aware when not to exercise. If down with a muscle tear or a swelling, don't strain the body to exercise as it could cause more damage to the injured muscle.


After Meals

One of the most important times not to exercise is after a meal. Exercising after a meal will result in delayed and a disturbed digestion process, which could affect the intestines.

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