Reasons Why We Get Fat By The Minute!

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People are getting fatter and sicker by the minute and we wonder about the reason for this sudden change! According to a recent study, obesity rate has increased rapidly since the 80's and this disease has affected a good number of children.

Although scientists blame improper diet and lack of exercise, it is also believed that obesity can also be a result of environment. In the winter season, people refrain from exercising on a day-to-day basis and this causes weight gain.

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On the other hand, due to the cold climate, people turn to fried and fatty foods in order to keep their bodies warm, which again is the sole reason why we get fat. The other weight gain reasons is the extra intake of calories and people opting for junk foods instead of nutritious meals. Stress too plays an important role and is one of the main reasons why we become fat.

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Today, Boldsky shares with its readers a few weight gain reasons. We think you should take a look at these reasons why you're getting fatter by the minute. It is time you step up and think of a solution to this weight gain problem!


Calorie Intake Increase

The reason why we become fat is because we have the habit of consuming foods that are high in calories instead of opting for healthier meals which contain protein and nutrients.


People Sleep Less

Lack of sleep is the reason why we get fat! This is because we require a good amount of sleep to help the body receive energy. If the body lacks energy, it is because we are not allowing it to rest for those 8 hours.


Stress Is High

Blame that stress for your weight gain. Stress is indeed a silent killer and it not only affects the body, but also affects the organs.


Consumption Of Unhealthy Oils

Using vegetable and animal oils to the meals are one of the main reasons why we get fat. These two oils have a high content of calories which add to weight gain. It also makes the body feel heavy and lethargic. It is best to opt for healthier oils like olive oil and coconut oil.


You Don't Burn Enough Calories

Do you think you exercise enough? Well, there are a ton of people who exercise everyday, but don't burn the required amount of calories to avoid weight gain. It is important to consume less amount of calories and work out to burn that consumption.


We Turn To Sodas & Sugar Drinks

Sodas and fruit juices are loaded with sugar and are to be blamed. Consume healthier drinks like vegetable juice and fruit juices with honey instead of sugar.


Holiday Weight To Blame

During the holidays, people seldom work out and on the other side, indulge in heavy foods that are rich in calories and bad carbohydrates which are the reason for weight gain.


We Have Fallen In Love With Junk

Junk food is loved by one and all. According to a recent research, children are addicted to these unhealthy treats when compared to adults. Consumption of junk foods on a regular basis leads to weight gain and other health issues.

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