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    10 Health Benefits Of Swimming


    Knowing about the benefits of swimming will make you run to the nearest pool. Yes, it can be your latest and the coolest workout. Swimming can help you stay fit and healthy and on the top of it, you can meet new people at the pool which means you can socialise with cool people.

    Anyone can swim and enjoy the touch of water. But if you are suffering from some health conditions, try consulting your physician and know whether you can choose swimming as your workout.

    Swimming For Weight Loss? Tips To Follow

    More than anything else, swimming can be also be treated as one of your recreational activities. You can relax in the pool and feel good for sometime. If other workouts bore you, you can choose this low impact activity and still stay in great shape. When water touches your body, it is a great feeling. You don't need to worry about lifting weights in the gym to lose your fat if you make swimming as your main workout. Apart from that, if you wish to know about the benefits of swimming, take a look at the following points. You will be surprised to know that this recreational activity can also be healthy.



    Swimming is good for your heart and it also helps you minimise the effect of stress on your body. This is one of the health benefits of swimming. If your workplace gives you stress, find a pool to de-stress.



    Swimming helps you build your endurance levels. It is a good cardio-vascular exercise. If you wish to build up your stamina, swim regularly and build it up.



    You can use swimming as an exercise to maintain healthy weight. Most of the other exercises to lose weight are generally tedious and boring unlike swimming. Try swimming and you will be more consistent in your workouts.


    Heart And Lungs

    As swimming is a workout which makes you breathe well, it is considered good for your heart and lungs. Regular workouts will help your heart function well. This is one of the health benefits of swimming.



    Swimming when performed as a regular workout, helps you tone your muscles and build some strength too. Your entire body looks toned and shapely when you choose swimming.


    Involves Your Whole Body

    As swimming involves moving your entire body in the water, it is a good workout. If you are looking for one single exercise that makes your whole body involved, choose swimming.



    Just imagine the relaxing feeling that water gives you when you soak yourself in the pool. After a session of swimming, you can feel light and free.


    Cools Your System

    If you are feeling hot, swimming cools you in the pool. Especially, when the climate is hot, swimming can cool your system.



    This is one of the physical benefits of swimming. Regular swimming keeps your body flexible and healthy. Any workout like swimming, when done consistently makes your body flexible and supple.


    Other Benefits

    A workout like swimming can improve your posture, balance and co-ordination skills too. What else do you want? You can also think about making swimming as daily exercise.

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    Story first published: Saturday, February 21, 2015, 16:03 [IST]
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