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Diet Mistakes We Make During Diwali

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Diwali is a time of joy, love, togetherness and festivity. It is also a season of indulging in a whole lot of foods and sweets which are unhealthy for the body. Together, with this heavy consumption of food and drinks, people forget to exercise to keep themselves healthy. This gives rise to weight gain, cholesterol and an increase in blood pressure levels which often leads to problems like heart attacks and stomach ailments.

Sweets You Must Try This Diwali

During the festival season, one must make not over indulge in food and drinks. This indulgence affects the overall functioning of organs and causes the body to feel lethargic and weak. On the other hand, the weather too plays a vital role in making the body feel lazy. Winter lowers the metabolism rate, and this makes it difficult for your body to burn the fatty foods .

On the other hand, people make a lot of diet mistakes during Diwali. Instead of opting for fresh and healthy foods, they head out to feast on oily, high calorie meals. Likewise, people often turn to aerated drinks instead of water and fruit juices which are much healthier for the body.

Healthy Diabetic-Friendly Diwali: Tips

Today, Boldsky suggests to opt out of the unhealthy choices and forget these diet mistakes listed below. Take a look at the mistakes we make during the festive season:


Consuming Wheat Sweets

Since white sugar sweets and maida sweets are tastier, people make a mistake and avoid healthier options made from wheat and barley.


White Sugar Sweets

White sugar sweets are unhealthy to consume. White sugar contains sulphur which could damage the brain and the heart. Avoid sweets like jamun and payasam.


Artificial Colours

It is best to prepare sweets at home. Homemade sweets lack artificial colouring and sweeteners. Consuming too much of those foods that contain artificial colours will activate cancer cells in your body. This is another diet mistake we should avoid during Diwali.


Reusing Oils

Reusing vegetable oils is another mistake we make during Diwali. Reused oils contain radicals which attack healthy cells in the body leading to diseases.


Fried Mixture Or Chiwda

Fried foods should be consumed less. Chiwda or mixture is a popular Diwali food which is served along with sweets. Chiwda contains dry fruits and wheat, which adds to the calories and is therefore not healthy to consume.


Aerated Drinks

Since it is the festival of food and drinks, most people replace healthy juices like nimboo paani with aerated beverages. Fresh juices will remove toxins in the body and soda drinks will only add up to the health issues; so avoid this diet mistake.


Absence Of Fibre

One of the diet mistakes we make during Diwali is not consuming enough of fibre foods. The lack of fibre in the body will lead to stomach ailments like constipation. Add wheat, brown rice and oats to the festive diet to stay healthy.


Consumption In Moderation

It is important to consume the festival foods in moderation. Eating too much of sweets and high caloric foods will lower the body's metabolism, making you feel tired and lethargic.


Forget To Exercise

Make time to exercise even during the festival season. Missing out on daily workouts will build up fatty tissues in the body. These fatty tissues will line the heart, causing a heart attack.

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