Benefits Of Farmers Walk Exercise

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What is a farmers walk? Well, it is quite simple. Just choose a heavy objet and start walking while you carry it with both hands. Walk from point A to point B carrying that heavy object.

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If you still have energy, repeat the exercise for a few more times. It builds strength and engages many muscles in your body. Though it looks simple, you may feel tired when you increase the weight or the distance you walk.

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Do you know that even wrestlers and lifters perform this exercise when their muscle gains reach a plateau? This workout could be very challenging when you carry dumbbells or barbells of heavy weight.

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When you are totally tired after a few repetitions, try walking a few more steps! Well, it really taxes your muscles and challenges every part of your body.Why do farmers walk? Have you ever wondered how farmers in villages manage to stay fit and strong? Well, they carry loads with their hands and literally walk miles on a daily basis.

That is the reason why this workout got its name.If you are not interested in gym or buying any equipment, simply fill two buckets with water and walk around carrying them for a few minutes. Your workout is over!

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Caution: Don't try this workout without consulting your doctor. People suffering from health issues are advised not to try any workout without consulting a health care professional.Now, let us quickly discuss about its benefits.


This Workout Builds Muscle Tension

Muscles need to be challenged in order to grow and get bigger and capable. This workout does exactly that.


This Workout Stimulates Growth Hormone

Your muscles start growing when you perform this workout on a regular basis. Take it seriously and perform several variations by increasing the weights or distance and see the results.


Your Grip Gets Better

Your gripping power increases drastically as it gets tested with each repetition of this workout. No other exercise can test the power and endurance of your fingers like the way this workout does.


Your Endurance Increases

If you carry light weights and walk longer distances, your endurance levels increase a lot.


This Workout Develops Core Strength

Your coordination levels improve, your core strength will increase and your body undergoes a challenge that makes it stronger with each passing day.


Good For Shoulders

As this workout involves your shoulders, people doing sedentary jobs can try it out to strengthen their shoulders.


This Workout Helps Cross A Plateau

If your fitness regime reached a plateau where no growth is seen, you can try something new like the farmers walk exercise.


Burn Calories

Like any other intense workout, this exercise does a good job in burning your calories.


It Involves All Muscles

This is one of the major benefits of performing farmers walks. Almost all major muscle groups will be engaged when you perform this workout.


No Gym- No Equipment

The best thing is: you don't need a gym member ship and you don't need to buy any complex equipment to perform this workout. You can even start with two buckets of water in the initial stages.

These are just a few benefits of farmers walk exercise. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Monday, October 12, 2015, 2:29 [IST]
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