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8 Types Of Crunches To Lose Belly Fat

By Super

Most of us keep complaining that we can lose all the weight we like, but the belly fat never ever goes away. We all know that is no chance of getting a flat tummy without ab crunches. All the dieting in the world cannot replace a few rounds of ab crunches when it comes to losing belly fat. However, belly fat is stubborn and your body soon gets used to doing crunches easily.

To keep surprising your body, you will have to do different types of crunches. You will be really taken aback to know that there are 8 different types of crunches that you can do in order to get a flat tummy. The basic principle of doing ab crunches remains the same; you have to stress your abdominal muscles to the maximum. But these different types of crunches are based on small alterations.

For example, to do bicycle crunches, you paddle each of your legs at time while you do the crunches. There are also positions liked twisted crunches. For this type of crunch you have to move to your side instead of rising straight to slim down the sides of your waist.

Here are the 8 different types of crunches that you can do and also tips on how to do them correctly.


Regular Crunches

You don't really need to think too hard to do regular crunches. Lie flat on a floor mat, put your hands behind your head and raise yourself up while putting pressure on your abdomen.


Twisted Crunches

Lie flat on a floor mat and raise yourself to the right first and then the left. The twisted crunch works on the muscles on the side of your stomach.


Bicycle Crunch

While you lie flat on the ground, pull up both your legs and keep them straight. Then as you rise to do the ab crunch, fold one of your legs at the knees. It should be the like paddling a bicycle and doing crunches at the same time.


Double Crunch

Fold your legs at the knees and hold them in that position. Now do the crunches in a regular way. You fold legs but double the pressure on your abdominal muscles.


Vertical Leg Crunch

Raise your legs straight up and keep them straight. Now put your hands behind your head and raise your body to do the ab crunches.


Oblique Crunches

Lie on your side and rest one arm. Place the other hand behind your head and raise your body side ways. This type of crunch helps to lose fat from the sides of your waist and give you a '8' like shape.


Raised Crunches

When you go to a gym, you can try another unique type of ab crunch. Place yourself on a huge ball and put your feet firmly on the ground. Now do the crunches from this position.


Reverse Crunches

Regular ab crunches will help you lose upper belly fat. To lose lower belly fat, lie flat on the ground and the raise your legs up. Fold your legs at the knees and push them back to touch your chest. Reverse crunches reduce lower belly fat.

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