5 Most Uncomfortable Things Dieters Commonly Do

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Uncomfortable Diet
Often the slim ladies who walk past you will taunt you to lose weight, you come home, search on the internet to lose weight quickly and plan to follow it the next day. There are few uncomfortable things that most diet followers go through which will make them chuck the diet they are following and get back the routine unhealthy eating habits. Today, we are to discuss on those not so easy going reasons that break the fitness dreams of many. Take a look.

5 Most Uncomfortable Things Dieters Commonly Do

1. Eating very less – May be you love to eat desserts everyday and go gaga over cheesy junk foods but are forced to zip your minds and hunger pangs by drinking tasteless malts, soups and salads. At times you will feel that you were no less a herbivore living in jungle.

Solution 1: Treat yourself by eating tasty foods that high in fiber, contains a lot vitamins and less fat. Prefer tasty cucumber, carrots and sprouts, herbal teas, cereal and sugar free desserts that will make you feel that you aren't missing much.

2. Dieting On Weekends – It is extremely painful and uncomfortable to diet on weekends as you are not being able to enjoy your meal. You will also be publicising your idea of getting slim with relatives and friends who will join you.

Solution 2: Avoiding dieting on weekends but keep control of the amount. Small meals are always healthy and best.

3. Drinking Water All Day – Just to get rid of those extra pounds, you may plan to be on liquid diet all day. The pale look, loss of complexion and weakness will make you curse your personality and lose confidence with self.

Solution 3: Drink fruit juices and malts that give you energy but are low in calories. Soy milk is an excellent example.

4. Weigh Yourself Daily – The first thing most dieticians ask you to do is keep a check on your weight scales. Shockingly, your weighing scales say that you have lost weight but by appearance there isn't much change.

Solution 4: Instead of wasting time on weighing machine, reserve it for walking, running and fitness exercise. Although the result is slow, it will happen for sure.

5. Keep Changing Diet Plans - And if you couldn't find much difference in personality, you will keep changing diets which may or may not be safe for health.

Solution 5: Do not get choosy with food, as every vegetable and fruit has something to give. Prefer all of them in limited amounts and plan your meal everyday (1500 calories a day).

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 17:43 [IST]
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