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Tomato Diet For Weight Loss

Posted By: Staff

Tomatoes are a must-have in every kitchen, but did you know that this red vegetable aids in weight loss?

So for those of you who are looking at losing weight, going on a tomato diet would be helpful.

But one needs to understand that when we say tomato diet helps in weight loss, it does not mean that you skip your daily exercises and food, thinking that just eating tomatoes will help in losing weight. 

Bringing about a balance in the diet is very important.

tomato diet

Tomatoes are low in calories, fat, fibre and carbohydrates and due to these tomatoes are great for weight loss. These are also rich in beta-carotene, essential vitamins and minerals.

The fibre content in the tomatoes helps in keeping the digestive system healthy by absorbing the nutrients from the food that you eat. Meanwhile,mixing tomato juice and almond milk can provide several health benefits. If you want to know about the benefits then click here.

Tomatoes also have a high water content, that helps in keeping the body hydrated and full for a long time. This is a must if you are looking at losing weight.

Yet another good part about tomatoes is that it is very low in the glycemic index and contains natural sugar that helps in keeping the blood sugar levels under control.

It isn't just weight loss but tomatoes help in boosting immunity and lowering blood pressure as well.
Here is how you can include tomatoes in your weight loss regime, take a look.

Tomato Diet For Weight Loss:


1. Tomato Juice On Empty Stomach:

Take about 2-3 tomatoes, remove the seeds and then blend it well. And a pinch of salt to it. Drink this juice early in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps in detoxifying the body and flushing out the toxins.

Also you can slice the tomatoes, remove the seeds and then have it instead of the juice on an empty stomach. This helps in the weight loss process.


2. Tomatoes For Breakfast:

Take slices of tomatoes, add them to your bread (use brown bread) along with lettuce and cucumber. Add a bit of mint paste instead of cheese or sauce and then have this for your breakfast.

Meanwhile, you can also boil the tomatoes or have them raw along with a boiled egg for breakfast.


3. Tomatoes For Lunch:

Add sliced tomatoes to your salad. Have these tomatoes before you start your meal. Rich in water content and fibre, tomatoes help in giving you that feeling of fullness and this prevents you from overeating.

The best part about tomatoes is that they are low in calories and hence a good option if you want to lose weight. Along with the tomatoes you can add radish, mint paste and a pinch of black salt or black pepper to your salad and have it for lunch.


4. Tomatoes For Snacks:

In between your meal you could add tomato juice for your snack. Just take 2-3 tomatoes and blend them well. Add a teaspoon of honey and a few mint leaves to the juice and then drink it. You could also add cucumber and carrots along for your snacks.

Or you also can make tomato slices and store them in a container in your refrigerator. Whenever you are hungry you could just take pieces of these tomatoes and just munch on them.


5. Tomatoes For Dinner:

Have tomatoes in the form of salad for dinner. Add chopped cucumber, carrots and lettuce to the chopped tomatoes. Sprinkle a bit of lemon juice and a bit of olive oil for garnishing.

This makes a healthy salad for dinner that also aids in weight loss.


6. Tomato Soup:

This is something that you can have anytime during the day. It not only fills you up and keeps cravings at bay, it also provides you with a good deal of nutrition. Have this during breakfast, before lunch and dinner or even as a snack when you feel hungry.

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