4 Sports That Make You Lose Weight

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Most average people hate going to the gym. It is monotonous and tiresome to keep doing the same exercises again and again. But what about playing a sport? Who can hate sports after all? Fortunately sports and your weight loss secrets are deeply interconnected. To lose weight fast and maintain it, your best bet is to spend lots of energy is a sport you choose to play.

Sports makes you exercise naturally and that is key to losing weight. Here are the best sports for weight loss.

Top 4 Sports For The Weight Loss Game:

1. Swimming: If there ever was a sport to lose weight fast then it would have to be swimming. Most swimmers put on weight as soon as they leave swimming. This is because it is a tremendously high energy sport that requires you to flex every muscle in your body just stay afloat. It is also a sport where you are fighting for your life. You have to swim in order to not drown. The best part about swimming is that it tones every part of your body equally getting you into the right shape.

2. Football or Soccer: 90 minutes of constant action in this sport and weight loss is the logical consequence. Unlike other sports like cricket or baseball that give you the time to catch your breath, football is more demanding as a game. Throughout the game you are running around the field and testing your reflexes. You are bound to lose weight fast just to keep up with the strain. You will have to be fit to have the stamina to play football.

3. Beach Games: It might seems like lots of fun but beach games are also very calorie consuming. Whether it is beach volleyball or football; it will take a toll on the accumulated fats under your skin. Even running on the beach is more strenuous than running on even ground. You will have to make that extra effort to pull your feet out of sand every now and then. Then there is the fresh sea breeze to make the heat tolerable.

4. Tennis: It makes you run, lift and bend. Tennis is a sport played with punishing speed and that is what will make you lose weight fast. You will have to cover ground quickly and your reflexes will have to be quick. The tennis racket itself is heavy enough to test your muscular strength. If you want arms that will be the envy of your friends then tennis exercises are the best for you. This sport and weight loss follow each other but it is not a size zero formula. You need strength and a bit of bulk for being a tennis star and brave hits from the tennis balls.

Use these weight loss tips to get in shape the fun way; that is, by playing your favourite sports.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 12:27 [IST]
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