Pamela Anderson & Her Vegan Diet Secrets!!

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Pamela Anderson
Celebrities and their weight loss diets always make news. Today, we shall talk about that Hollywood celeb who became an eye candy of men worldwide. This celeb is most of the time imagined wearing a red bikini. Her character in Baywatch is unforgettable and still the most wanted personality. We are talking about Pamela Anderson and here are her diet secrets.

Pamela Anderson Diet Secrets

1. She follows a strict vegetarian diet and doesn't eat red meat like chicken, pork, fish or seafood. Pamela became vegetarian when she was in her teens and is against killing and eating animals.

2. Pamela Anderson is very serious about diet. She prefers chewing sugar free gums while making food to avoid picking at the ingredients.

3. The secret behind her fab body and curves is the raw food diet. She consumes vegetables, fruits and nuts raw. She also works hard at the gyms. Concentrates mostly on cardio vascular,. toning, pilates and strength training exercises.

4. For breakfast, Pamela Anderson prefers fruits and oatmeal. Enjoys veggie burgers, vegetable sushi or pastas. For snacks, she suggests salads and smoothies.

5. To stay fit, Pamela carries a bottle of water at all times. She advises healthy liquids to balance the vegan lifestyle. A glass of heart healthy wine (occasionally) is a part of her diet plan.

6. The baywatch beauty keeps herself active by spending a good time with kids. At 40, she gives credits to her kids for keeping her in shape.

According to the blonde babe, just being vegan itself is the secret behind her fitness and doesn't believe in dieting or gyming. Her favourites: Tofu & lettuce salad, steamed vegetables, cheese and fruits.

She advises dieters to get vegetarian and avoid starving as she feels that it is the easiest detoxification diet.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 11:00 [IST]
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