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Lady Gaga's Unusual Diet Secrets!

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There is something more than just music that makes Lady Gaga an iconic pop star. Her weird dresses match her slim body and personality. She maintains a great physique and looks very appealing to her frenzy followers.
Even though she makes statements like she cannot quit drinking etc, there is a diet plan that she regularly follows to keep herself fit and fine. Take a look.

Lady Gaga Diet Secrets

  1. The are many magazines and newspapers that report that Lady gaga follows drunk diet (drinks whisky all day) and hits gym even when she is in a hangover. Gaga herself had made a statement about this and yoga.
  2. Certain health magazines also provide a healthy diet secret of Lady Gaga. Her daily meal includes fresh vegetables salads, fish and pasta occasionally.
  3. She is also said to follow a 5-factor workout which includes a 5 minute warm up by jog, dumbble deadlifts (upto 25 reps) and 5 minute skipping rope exercises.
  4. Her celebrity diet trainer Harley Pasternak suggests her a 5-Factor World Diet plan which consists of new 120 recipes. The speciality of these recipes is that they are made from 5 meals a day with 5 core ingredients prepared in 5 minutes time.

Lady Gaga Workout Secrets

Dumbbell Workout – Apart from just dancing here is some secret form of workout that keeps the pop star always in shape.

  1. Stand up with hip-feet apart by a width and knees slightly bent.
  2. Hold dumbbells with palms facing each other.
  3. Your upper half body needs to bend forward (upto 45 degrees).
  4. Now extend arms forward and upwards. Do 20-25 reps.
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Story first published: Thursday, February 9, 2012, 11:28 [IST]
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