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Many a times you feel like avoiding workouts or going to gym because you are too lazy to deck up. There may be occasions where you feel you had a home gym. And the idea isn't impossible. Today, we shall suggest a few ideas of how you can create your own home gym with homemade equipments and simple workout machines. Take a look.

Building A Home Gym:

Homemade gym equipment 1: Sandbags For Deadlifts
This will help you with squats, shoulder presses and lifts. They are the most easiest and versatile equipments. Making it may cost it just $ 30.

You will need:
1 bag of sand / pea gravel (gravel is better)
2 contractor bags
2 duffle bags
Duct tape

Fill the contractor bags with pea gravel. Seal the ends with duct tapes.
Your duffle bags can be level 2 covering. This will help you to lift and exercise comfortably.

Even big plastic bottles can be filled with sand and used for lifts.

Homemade gym equipment 2: Ab Bench
For abdominal exercises, you can create an ab bench. Purchase a plank of wood from the timber yard (dimensions: 2"x11"x5'10"). Place it on a sturdy wooden bench (slanting position). Two rigid metal or plastic pipes can be nailed to the plank edges (to balance while you exercise) and your bench is ready.

Homemade gym equipment 3: Swing For Crunches
A metallic rod can be suspended from ceiling. Hold the rod like as if you are to swing and bend your body (feet facing the upward direction).

Slimming is now very easy as you can workout at any time of the day. You needn't worry about dress, the weather or company, homemade gym equipments will take care of your health without making you spend a penny from pocket.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 23, 2012, 15:18 [IST]
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