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Kim Kardashian's Diet Secrets Revealed!

Posted By: Staff

Diet secrets are fiercely guarded in the show business. Considering everything is a secrets when it comes to celebrities, especially your weight loss formula is a secret worth dying. But not all stars are hedonistic.

The Kim Kardashian diet for example is pretty openly shared. May be the star believes that sharing is caring and you can spread the joy of a beautiful body by telling her fans how to look hot like her.

diet secrets

Celebrity diets range from totally crazy to severely healthy. But don't fret if you want to lose weight fast, diet secrets of this television star have taken the middle path.

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Special Points About Kim Kardashian's Diet:

# 1. Surprisingly Kim Kardashian is only 5 feet 2 inches tall and that makes her a 'small' body type. So only those who can carry a petite look should try these diet secrets.

# 2. The attention grabber for Kim Kardashian is super curvacious hip (rumoured to be 39') despite a flash board stomach.

# 3. Kim Kardashian's weight loss story is famous. She lost about 10 pounds in a year in preparation for her fitness video album. So she moved from being a size 6 to a size 2 , beat that!

diet secrets

#4. Earlier shy to do photo shoots in two piece swim suits and revealing bikini's she is now confident of her body. Having lost the rounded look to her pleasantly plump body, Kardashian has never looked in better shape in all her life.

That will give you enough reasons to follow Kardashian to lose weight fast because she seems to have established herself as an expert here. To lose weight substantially, without crash dieting and losing your curves is commendable.

Diet Secrets Of Kim Kardashian:

diet secrets

1.Low Fat & High Fibre:

Kim Kardashian's diet can be best described as macrobiotic. It is a diet that includes low fat stuffs, high fibrous carbohydrates and some proteins too.

diet secrets

2. Vegan:

This celebrity diet is mostly vegan. It is not like Kardashin never touches meat and has turned totally vegan but there is definite shift towards vegetarianism. She tries to get her proteins from vegan sources.

diet secrets

3.Fish Over Meat:

When it comes to non vegetarian food, the choice is certainly fish over meat. Even the leanest piece of meat has more fats than fish. Moreover the good fats or omega 3 fatty acids are missing in meat. The gossip ticker says, salmon is Kardashian's favourite!

diet secrets

4. Indulge Responsibly On Junk Food:

It is not like her diet says a strict no to all kinds of carbs and trans fats. This 28 year old star still enjoys her cravings for junk food. Burgers and crispy potato fries are too tempting for anyone to resist. But her golden rule is to indulge responsibly.

diet secrets

5. 2 Hours Gym Everyday:

No fitness regime is complete without exercise and Kardashian has reported to spent no less than 2 hours in the gym daily in her weight loss phase.

You can try these diet secrets of Kim Kardashian without fear because they are absolutely healthy.

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