Top 7 Tastiest Diets For Foodies

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Tastiest Diets
Ever felt your diet plan tasty? Well, here are a few diets that are highly mouth watering as well as support weight loss. Take a look at 7 best tastiest diets followed by the fitness freaks across world.

Who on earth wouldn't wish for a diet plan that comes with a combination of their favorite delicacies. The diets work or won't work, including them in the daily plan is itself a feast. Here is the list of the best.

Top 7 Tastiest Diets

1. Chocolate Diet – Also called the 7 day diet, the plan is followed by eating 2 chocolate bars a day with sugar less tea. The monodiet has a certain negative effects, for which, the physician's consultation is necessary.

2. Italian Diet – The dieting involves by eating tasty and colourful pastas. It is said that pastas are rich in nutrition (contain fiber and amino acids) that support weight loss.

3. Candy Diet – Munching colourful candies will also suppress overeating. Buying a pack of candies and replacing them for meals will limit eating and cut down weight.

4. Ice cream/ Yogurt Diet – Beginning and ending your meal with ice creams or yogurt will satisfy your food cravings as well as cut down carbs and bad fat. Sliced fruits and vegetables are also relished for balanced nutrition.

5. Cucumber/ Watermelon / Banana Diets – Water rich fruits and fibre rich bananas are had instead of high carb rice, cereal and bakery products. The water and fiber will cleanse the body and improve digestion.

6. Fruit And Berry Diet – Eating low calories fruits and berries instead the fatty foods are tasty to eat and maintain good health. The antioxidant and vitamin C rich berries also bring glow to skin and enhance beauty.

7. Popcorn Diet – Munching the tasty popcorns all day is this diet type. Ofcourse, the popcorns are homemade without cheese or butter and had without much salt and spices. Popcorn fills stomach and doesn't add to calories.

Following these tastiest diets will make one feel nice as they are hardly giving up their tasty foods for getting fit. These diets make the lives of those who want to lose weight without giving up eating.

These tastiest foods may work for some and may not. Some dieticians feel that the diets may also cause side effects due to malnourishment (eating only one type of food week long) so seeking the experts help is important.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 11:09 [IST]
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