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Get The '36,24,36' Body With The Hourglass Diet

If you would like to have a “36-24-36" body, then you try the “Hourglass Diet" tips. Hourglass, a type of diet that enables you to get the figure of a hourglass. Today, we shall see hot to get the perfect figure with the unique diet tips. Take a look.

The generation today want to look slim and trim. We find people trying various types of diet and fitness way to look thin. With hourglass diet you can! The goal is simple, eating with rigorous exercise is all that is needed to achieve the curvy body in no time.

Hourglass Diet Tips & Instructions -

1. Eating the type of food is the first and basic step of the new diet. Always think twice before you order your meal. It is said that junk foods can actually stop the abdominal weight loss process. Chuck the packaged foods, salt and sugar and it will be easy for you to get to the next level of the hourglass diet.

2. Drink lots of water as it helps the cleansing and rinsing your body from all the toxins. Drinking water also helps in stopping you from overeating. Avoid too salty foods as it will force the body to store excess fluids.

3. Get rid off all types of toxins like sweat, urine, excreta etc as it may poison even the body. Exercise to sweat hard. Focus your workout on the stomach region as it needs to slim down there. Also doing some cardiovascular exercises daily will help you stay healthy.

4. Tonning your body is the important aspect of the hourglass diet. Tonning exercises like crunches will help in getting your waist and abdomen closer to the most aspired glass curves.

5. Body building also helps in bringing a balance to your upper and lower body. Try some strengthening exercises like squats that condition your abs, hips and thighs. Handweights tone your arms, shoulders thus giving your body the best shaped you always aspired for.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 15:03 [IST]
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