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Home Aerobic Exercises For Easy Weight Loss

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Home Aerobics
There is no better exercise than dancing. Aerobics is also the type of an exercise that involves simple dance movements and makes you sweat out easily. All that is required to follow in aerobics is maintaining pace. A comfortable outfit (such as a tee-shirt and a track pant) will allow you to exercise at home. Purchasing a DVD that contains powerful workout for day 1 to day 30 will help you get rid of those extra pounds easily.

Your home aerobic exercise should consist of stretches, cardiovascular workouts, stomach crunches and relaxation exercises. Generally the exercises will be scheduled for 20 minutes and gradually go upto longer duration (45 minute to 1 hour). It can also be split to 30-30 for morning and evening. Wearing a comfortable dress is very important. Keeping the food intake at moderate and using the right accessories required to lose weight also matters. And now, you are to ready for a happy slimming.

Home Aerobic Exercises & Steps

1. Start the exercise with a 10 minute warm up session. Warming up is nothing but walking or jogging forward and backward in a fast pace.

2. You will then continue with stretch exercises where you spread your up, down, right, left, forward, backwards with the synchronising leg movements.

3. You will take a break with toning exercises that requires bending hips, thighs and knees. Place a chair and squat as if you were sitting on chair and then get back to the standing position. Doing semi squats like these until count 12 will tone your hip muscles and condition your lower body.

4. You will then get back to aerobic exercises with cardio vascular workouts, either it can be running on the thread mill or dancing at a fast pace. During the exercise you feel your heart beating fast and feel like drinking a bottle of water.

5. Another toning aerobic steps can be break to you. Start with easy squats (simple bending), crunches and stretching exercises that can relax your heart beats. To calm your body and mind, you will require deep breathing and meditation. Sit for a while and peacefully meditate for a few minutes and you will be done with your day's workout. These fitness tips have helped many homemakers in improving their general health, anti aging and also weight loss. Follow the home aerobic exercise correctly and enjoy the privacy of working out.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 21, 2011, 11:31 [IST]
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