Green Tea Diet For Effective Weight Loss

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Green Tea Diet
Why get confused with food types and calorie intake? Get green with the herbal green tea diet. Nowadays, losing weight is no longer a choice but has become a necessity. The food that is been suggested as effective weight loss also has to protect and strengthen self from diseases. The recipe needs to be side effect free and not manufactured using chemical methods (diet pills). Today, we shall talk about such a diet that is a liquid (easy to drink) and a herbal supplement.

Green Tea Diet

How Does It Work? - The widely used herbal extract is antioxidant rich. The effective weight loss ingredients boosts body metabolism and reduces overeating ( food craving).

Using Green Tea For Weight loss – While including green tea in your diet, you need to know how to get the best from herb supplements. Instead of preferring green tea diet pills prefer natural tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A toast of wheat bread with a vegetable salad and green tea will be truly rejuvenating as well as help in weight loss. Compensating your urge to drink addictive beverages such as coffee, perforated drinks and alcohol with green tea will prevent further fat accumulation as well as reduce body fat.

Green Tea Benefits
1. Cancer – It fights free radicals and prevents cancer. Drinking at least a cup of the herb tea will restrain the growth of tumour or any cancerous cells.

2. Diabetes – The tea helps in improving a person's sensitivities to insulin and thus help in keeping the levels in control.

3.Heart Disease – It can lower the blood cholesterol levels and thus clear the clogged arteries. Heart attacks and other illnesses can be prevented with the green tea diet.

4. Immune System - The epigallocatechin gallate in green tea helps in improving the immune system of the body.

5. Skin Problems – It also purifies the impurities in blood and thus clears skin from within. Green tea can cure pimples and prevent aging.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 16:08 [IST]
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