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Not that slim people don't have a flabby tummy. The junk eating would have led to the stomach fat making it look awfully bad with the rest of the body even and toned. Today, we will discuss on the ways to flatten tummy through diet and exercise. (Specially for the slim people).

Their slim figure may be hereditary or because of limited eating, body nature, etc., but street foods, perforated and alcoholic drinks would have led to loose skin and bulging tyres. Here is what the slim people should do.

1. Cutting Down Outside Food – Most tasty foods are bad for health. The fried street foods are generally prepared with oil that is used for days. The good fat in oil would have become toxic after continuous heating and might even clog in the arteries and veins. These fats are extremely difficult to burn. One good way to eat tasty food without the oil and cheese issues is by cooking them at home. For slim people, eating food of choice is never a compromise.

Drinking good amount of water and antioxidant rich fruits will gradually deduce these deposits and free radicals that cause such flabs and disorders such as blood pressure and diabetes.

2. Crunches – This type of exercise helps to flatten tummy. Lying on the floor and tightening stomach, abdominal region and rib cage to and fro will squeeze out the fat and tuck the tummy back. You can also use an exercise ball for support to isolate the stomach as much as possible. Doing floor crunches everyday will definitely reduce and maintain stomach firm.

3. Other Exercises – To lose tummy fat fast, there are high intensity exercises. Bicycle crunches and jack knife crunches will cut down fat quickly. Resting yourself on the mat and lifting, stretching arms and legs from ground to top with momentum will drain all the stubborn fat and allow you to get a slim personality. You can also use abs equipment for rigorous exercise.

4. Trunk Rotations – Jane Fonda (leading fitness expert) always suggests trunk rotations as she feels it to be the most powerful ways to tone tummy fat. Standing erect and contracting muscles by turning tummy (twisting) left right will stretch the muscles and reduce fat. You can also take support of the chair to twist and turn belly.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 12:12 [IST]
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