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Doing Household Chores, An Easy Form Of Exercise

Posted By: Gowri Nandini
Household Chores
Juggling between work at office and work at home, leaves you with no time for yourself. Your workout schedule is hampered, thus, causing you to gain excess weight. One last resort is to include a workout plan wherever you are, at your work-desk or at your house.

Doing household chores gives you a chance to exercise. This means that you include some simple exercises while you are doing your housework such as mopping, cleaning, ironing etc. Let's have look at a few household chores exercises and the benefits it offers.

Household Chores Exercise And Benefits:

Cleaning the kitchen: Scrubbing the stove tops and other kitchen counter tops is a great way to help flex your arm muscles. Similarly, washing the utensils with your hand instead if the dishwasher is also a good way to exercise your fingers.

Cleaning the floor: Scrub all the floors in your house. Kitchen, bathroom, living room etc. However, do not use a mop to do it, use a brush and your hand. Extend your hands to the corners and do it using quick and brisk movements. Squat and clean, this strengthens your thighs. The tummy and arms benefit from doing this household chore.

Washing and Ironing: Washing clothes the traditional way, is a good lot of exercise. If you cannot devote time to the entire washing procedure at least do part of it like rinsing or drying. While rinsing clothes you need to bend frequently, while wringing the clothes is a great toning up exercise for your arms. Similarly hanging out the clothes to dry helps your stretch out. Ironing is a good way to put your shoulder, neck and upper body muscles into use.

Changing Bed Sheets: Making the bed includes multiple tasks like pulling out the sheets, dusting or turning over the mattress, tucking in the bed spreads and straightening them and fluffing the pillows. Doing this household chore helps in toning your upper body.

Washing the doors and windows: Doing this household chores involves good hand movement and a bit of stretching too. (To reach the top part of the window / door). Use a stool if cannot reach the top-most part. Climbing up and down the stool will help your calf muscles.

Washing car: Reach out to the top of the car and use a sponge to clean it. Squat on the floor while cleaning the tyres etc. Do not use a water-hose for a final wash. Bend and pick the water from a tub and wash. This housework exercise benefits you by helping in stretching your body.

Doing household chores on a daily basis is an amazing way to remain well-toned and healthy. Follow these fitness tips to get the best out of your household chores workout regime.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 15:41 [IST]
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