Cucumber Diet: Slimming Is As Cool As Cucumber!

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Cucumber Diet
Do you like cucumbers? Well, what can be a better option for dieting than relishing these watery vegetables. Cucumber diet is one of the most famous diet plans followed by some of the biggies of Hollywood. Friends star Jennifer Aniston also follows the diet plan to maintain her slim figure. Today, we will discuss cucumber diet and about how it caters to weight loss. Take a look.

Benefits Of Cucumber Diet
Cucumber cleanses body thoroughly as it contains 95% water and 5% dietary fiber. It keeps the body hydrated, takes a good care of the digestive system and the salt balance. Cucumber also helps in cooling down the body temperature, clears skin and is also good for the eyes.

Dieting With Cucumbers
Cucumber are best salad ingredients. 2 lbs cucumbers with a teaspoon of herbs, salt and olive oil will make them tasty diet meals.

Herbs like parsley, dill and oregano contain vitamins (A and C) and minerals (iron, manganese and copper) so including them in the form of salads will provide nourishment to body.

For Breakfast:
A toast of wheat bread with jam
1 bowl of cucumber salad
1 hot cup of tea (avoid sugar)

An egg toast (with rye bread) or chicken breast (low fat) with the bread
Cucumber salad

Snack: Fruit Juices like apple/banana/butter fruit

Dinner: Only salad

Cucumber diet can be followed for 3 days and the expected weight loss will be about 2 kgs. Cucumber also works as a natural skin care product. Massaging face with a few slices of the vegetables and applying the slices on eyes calms mind and clears face.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 14:10 [IST]
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