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Dangers Of Diabetes In Teenagers

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Diabetes is one of those silent killers of human life that slowly damages your body and becomes the reason for several organ failures.

Diabetes mellitus is definitely a life-threatening disease, in which either the human body produces less insulin or the body becomes inefficient to use the insulin.

In case of type 1 diabetes, you need to inject insulin regularly, while people with type 2 diabetes try to keep the blood sugar under control by following a balanced diet, doing regular exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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So, what are the dangers of diabetes in teenagers? Yes, teenagers can have diabetes if they have the family history of it. Besides, unhealthy lifestyle can aggravate the problems.

In case of young people, the risk of diabetes in teenagers is huge. During teenage, it is difficult to keep them in control, which means, they like to eat junk foods, they can't keep count of sugar intake, and they also lack energy to exercise daily.

So, there are several dangers of diabetes in teenagers.

Therefore, the teenager and his/herfamily members need some time to cope up with the fact after diagnosis.

They must maintain a routine to monitor blood glucose, learn the technique to inject insulin if necessary, accept the fact and help the teen lead a normal life.

At this juncture, if you have ideas about the risks of diabetes in teenagers, you can be ready to fight back. So, here are the possible dangers of diabetes in teenagers. Read on to know more.

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Dangers of Diabetes in Teenagers

1. Obesity: Diabetes doesn't lead to obesity. But, if you have diabetes and you're obese, then there is matter of tension. Being a patient of diabetes, you may feel weak, lethargic and tired. If you don't exercise regularly, these symptoms may increase and no physical activity means gaining more weight.

Dangers of Diabetes in Teenagers

2. Kidney Failure: Teenagers, who have diabetes from a young age are more prone to kidney failure. If you have diabetes, it will hamper the filtering job of your kidneys and lead to kidney damage. You have to be very careful.

3. Heart Failure: Deposition of high blood sugar on the arteries clogs your heart and makes the walls thicken. Therefore, it becomes difficult to pump blood to your heart and this may cause heart failure. It is definitely one of the vital risks of diabetes in teenagers.

Dangers of Diabetes in Teenagers

4. Vision Problem: While talking of dangers of diabetes in teenagers, you can't avoid this problem. Due to diabetes, the blood vessels of your retina get affected. Also, there is a chance of cataract and glaucoma.

Dangers of Diabetes in Teenagers

5. Depression: When diabetic teens see others leading a normal and playful life and they have to spend days on medicines and injections, it is quite natural for them to be depressed. Parents must be careful enough and consult counsellors at this point, if necessary.

Dangers of Diabetes in Teenagers

6. They Don't Like Sympathy: Now, that's quite normal. If elders show sympathy to him/her constantly, they will get irritated and finally that will turn into frustration. It is obviously one of the dangers of diabetes in teenagers and it is the duty of the parents to keep their kid happy.

So, these are some risk factors of diabetes in teenage. Remember, this is just a disease and can be controlled if you follow a proper lifestyle. Instead of succumbing to it, fight back and hit a punch at its face and you can win over it.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 19, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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