Alarming: Signs Of Diabetes In Women Over 40

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Diabetes is another deadly disease after cancer and heart diseases. Diabetes gradually affects every organ in the body. It also targets the limbs and can put your life in danger if not treated on time.

Today, more than 70 percent of people are genetically diabetic.

When this deadly disease runs in the family, it is best to find ways to avoid it and if diagnosed early, one should take proper care of themselves. Diabetes is the root cause of an increase in the death rates too. When you ignore this deadly disease, it could turn fatal. In a recent study, it is noted that women are more prone to developing diabetes in their 40's when compared to men.

Therefore, Boldsky has listed some of the alarming signs of diabetes in women over 40 years of age. After diagnosis, it is important for women over 40 to pay more attention to their health. Maintaining a good BMI and weight, following a strict diet and exercising are the keys to living a healthy life with diabetes. Take a look at these signs of diabetes in women.

Notify the symptoms and get a blood test done immediately to start on the required medication.


Vaginal Infections

If you're developing vaginal infections often, it could be a sign of diabetes, especially after 40. Vaginal infections should be treated at the earliest to avoid other complications. Women should visit the gynecologist and start on medication.


Sexual Dysfunction

Pain during intercourse, lack of sex drive and difficulty in reaching an orgasm are some of the signs of diabetes in women. If the other tests are clear, it is best to get a blood test to check your sugar levels.



This is a common condition where the ovaries have a larger number of cysts and when ignored, this could lead to infertility and other problems in the future. But if women are overweight and have diabetes in the family, PCOS is a sign that you could be diabetic too. Check for type 2 diabetes.


Urinary Infections

Along with vaginal infections, if the woman is also suffering from urinary tract infections, it is time to get a diabetes test done, as this could be one sign of diabetes.


Vision Problems

Vision problems are usually witnessed in both men and women. When your vision becomes blurry and if this problem is accompanied with headaches and ear ache, it is best to test for diabetes.


Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss or weight gain is another sign of diabetes in women over 40. The calories consumed in a balanced diet are not absorbed by the body, and thats when unusual weight loss takes place. This should be treated at the earliest as the body needs some amount of healthy calories to function.


Mood Swings

Mood swings are the most important sign of diabetes in women and men. Fluctuating mood swings through the day might hamper productivity. Therefore, if this diabetic symptom is witnessed, it is time to pop in some medication.


Non-Healing Wounds

The common diabetic symptoms experienced in women and men slow healing of wounds. This is an indication to get a blood test done for diabetes.


Skin Infections

There can be multiple reasons for developing a skin infection or a rash. However, if the skin problem develops in the genial area and is seen in black patches along the folds and creases of the body, it is a sign of diabetes.


High Pressure

Regulating the blood pressure levels is important. If you're experiencing an unexplained raise in pressure at regular intervals during the day, it is best to get tested for diabetes.

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