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    Sridevi Cause Of Death: What Is Accidental Drowning & Everything You Need To Know

    According to the Dubai police, the mystery death of the legendary film actress Sridevi was caused by accidental drowning and not because of cardiac arrest, which was earlier reported before the revelation of the post-mortem report.

    The post-mortem report claimed that the actress had drowned in her hotel apartment's bathtub following a loss of consciousness. Whatever might be the unglorifying death case of Sridevi's, accidental drowning is common and many are not even aware about this.

    Here we tell you about the aspects of accidental drowning.

    accidental drowning

    What Is Accidental Drowning?

    Accidental drowning is caused by an impaired breathing function as a result of being under water. This process is silent, as it happens very quickly and quietly at any place where there is water such as bathtubs, swimming pools, etc. Research says that in these cases, the victim is often drunk or may be taking drugs while soaking in hot water.


    How Is Death Caused By Drowning

    When a person drowns in water, his/her body gets into hypoxia, where there is no supply of oxygen to the brain and the person becomes unconscious quickly. If the person is rescued at this stage with proper medication, there are higher chances of the person's survival. Also, the lack of oxygen in the lungs can also lead to a cardiac arrest. This stops the functioning of the heart and stops the blood flow to the body.


    What Do The Statistics Say?

    According to the World Health Organisation, accidental drowning is the third leading cause of death throughout the world. A total of 3,60,000 people have died of accidental drowning in the year 2015. In Bangladesh, accidental drowning accounted for 43 percent of deaths in children aged 1-14 years.


    Alcohol And Drowning

    There is enough data that supports that alcohol can significantly increase the risk of drowning. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, drowning occurs if someone indulges in an aquatic activity with alcohol detected in their blood.


    Why Alcohol Intensifies The Risk

    Alcohol can have an adverse impact on one's motor skills. It acts as a sedative for the central nervous system, which means the signals coming from the brain, be it pain or injury, are lowered and dull their awareness. So, if there are high amounts of alcohol in the blood, the more severe the motor skills get impacted.

    Safety Tips In The Bathroom

    • Place a rubber mat beside the bathtub to prevent from falling.
    • Always fill the tub until the tub is about 2/3rd full, as the increased level of water could cause drowning.
    • Never leave any electrical appliance near a bathtub.

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