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Types Of Skirts You Should Never Wear At Your Workplace


Love skirts so much that you cannot miss them for wearing in office? All offices across the world have a preferred dress code that does not violate their norms or the office decorum.

Though there are offices that have uniforms while others have a regulation of wearing formal traditional attires, there are also offices that allow their staff to wear skirts or dresses.

Skirt means any skirt? No!

You might be taking us wrong if you think that we are imposing some law on your dress code. We are not moral polices, we are just style advisors. There are certain types of skirts which do not suit the office environment. The length also has nothing to do with this.

To know the types of skirts to avoid wearing in office, look at our detailed study.


Tiered Skirts

Tiered skirts have two or more tiers or layers of clothes and such skirts are best for casual or party attires. Never try this at offices or you might be catching every scornful eye at work. They look very pretty, we know, but wearing them for office is a big NO, NO!


Tulle Dirndl Skirts

Tulle is the kind of material mostly found in kids' frocks. They are also seen in gowns and skirts. Yes, they are very pretty but how fit are they for office wear? Not at all!

Dirndl is the Alpine style of skirt that has a tight waistband. There are many pretty ones available but please dump them for your work timings.


Maxi Skirts

Just as we were telling, we have nothing to do with the skirts' length restrictions. Even maxi skirts are unfit as workplace attires. By talking about maxi skirts, we are not mentioning sheath or A-lined long skirts. They actually look smart. We are prohibiting the bias cuts or flairy maxi skirts.


Wrap Skirts

Wrap skirts are also of different kinds. You cannot be choosing a half wrapped and half exposed wrap skirt. Wearing a properly wrapped A-lined skirt still looks smart but you can afford the skin show through most of the wrap skirt designs, fit only for parties. Keep them stored for the weekend parties.



Well, if you are fond of this name, you will definitely not go for this style as your officewear. Sarongs are skirts or like wrap skirts, mostly considered to be a part of beachwear. If you are trying to experiment your bohemian style with sarongs at work, please don't!


Sequin Skirts

Sequin, by material is for partywear and similar purposes. Do not even attempt to wear a sequin skirt at your workplace. Sequins have no entry in offices. Leather skirts or leather attires are different as they carry smartness and also look classy.


Skirts With Frills

No, no, no! You cannot wear frills at office. They would totally bring criticism from people at your workplace and can also risk your job for breaking the decorum. Frills are best for party and beachwear. You can also try them as your street-style casual wear.

If you were wearing such skirts at your office, please bring a ban. You can flaunt them in the best places possible, but definitely not your workplace.

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Story first published: Monday, November 6, 2017, 18:34 [IST]
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