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Navratri Special: 7 Pallu Draping Styles That You Should Totally Try This Navratri Season

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Navratri is going to knock your door soon. And you better get ready for the 9-day festive gala. Dancing, eating and all that merriment. But the most important of all, dressing up. 

For Navratri we have a standard dress code and that is saree or lehenga. And if you're picking one of these two, you're going to love this post. 

Saree and lehenga every year can be boring if you style it the same every year. But this year, try some eccentric draping styles and let your outfit speak for you. In this article, we have listed 6 pallu draping style to jazz up your Navratri lehenga/saree. 

1. The Sleek Pleat Gujarati Pallu Style: If you're going for a lehenga this Navratri, try a sleek pleat front pallu, also called Gujarati pallu. Make sleek pleats of your dupatta, tuck one end in your lehenga and the other pleated end on your left shoulder in a way that you can see a neat fall on your back. It's even better if your dupatta has prominent gotta border. 

9 Pallu Draping Styles For Navratri

2. The Saree Pallu: If you're wearing a saree or a lehenga, you can try this draping style. Instead of fixing your pallu around the waist, you have to leave it loose in a way that it hangs. Pin up your pleats neatly. Add a Gujarati print collared blouse. 

9 Pallu Draping Styles For Navratri

3. The Flowy Pallu: This is for those who are planning to add lehenga to their Navratri wardrobe. Make sure the lehenga you're wearing has a chiffon dupatta. Wear it in a regular saree style. But add only two pleats, leave the rest open like the Sonam Kapoor has done.

9 Pallu Draping Styles For Navratri

4. The Open Pallu: No pin-ups. No pleats. No tuck in. All you have to do is wear it open and add fancy jewellery to it.

9 Pallu Draping Styles For Navratri

5. The Open Gujarati Pallu: Try a regular Gujarati pallu style with a net dupatta. But pin the pallu on your right shoulder.

9 Pallu Draping Styles For Navratri

6. The Accentuated Pallu: This is rather tricky to get at first. Wear your regular front pallu and the end which is left free, drape it around your other shoulder.

9 Pallu Draping Styles For Navratri

7. Raam-Leela Pallu Style: This will charm your Garba outfit. Try this eccentric pallu style for this Navratri. Deepika looked gorgeous and we are sure you will too.

9 Pallu Draping Styles For Navratri
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Story first published: Sunday, September 25, 2016, 9:21 [IST]
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